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Unit 12. Sports and pastimes

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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Ngọc Hiền
Ngày gửi: 07h:37' 07-03-2017
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Số lượt tải: 35
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Date of Preparation: 02.03.2017
Date of teaching : 06. 03. 2017
Class :6a6



I. Objectives:
- By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand about the way to ask and answer about the frequency of daily activities.
II.Language Contents:
* Vocabulary:
- How often (Q_w)
- Once = one time (adv)
- Twice = two times (adv)
- Three / Four / Five ... times (adv)
- A week / month / year (n)
* Structure:
- How often + do/does + S + V_inf ?
=> S + V(s/es) + times.
III. Techniques:
- Pair work and group work, question and answers, chain game
IV. Teaching aids:
- Text book, teacher’s note, pictures, cassette recorder…
V. Procedures:
1. Greeting
2.Check up :(2’)
* Gives the correct tense for the verbs :
a. Phuong and Nam.........(go) fishing.
b. Tuan..............(play)volleyball.
c. What........Hung......(do) in his free time ?
d. Hoa........(watch) TV in her free time.
e. They..........(go) to school by bus.
f. I.......(wash) the dishes.
3. New lesson:


1. Warm – up (5’)

2. Presentation (17’)

3. Practice (13’)

4. Production (7’)

* Chatting: T asks Ss answer

- T has Ss look at the pictures and recognize the activity in each picture.
-T explains the requirement of the exercise.

- T has Ss look at the pictures on page 128 and guess what these people do in their free time and write their guessing on the board.
- T plays the tape twice.
- Ss listen to the tape and choose the right pictures.
- Ss compare the answers in pairs.
- T has Ss give the answers on the board.
- T lets Ss listen once more to correct
- T and Ss correct any mistakes if necessary.
- Ss copy down the correct answers.

- T calls some Ss to talk about what these people do in their free time.

- T show Ss the example and give Ss the new words.
-Ss repeat the words in chorus and individually

- T asks SS to give the form of the structure
-T gives the correct form and explains how to use the structure.
- T gives some situations for Ss to practice.

-T plays the tape for Ss to listen
-Ss read in pairs in silence in 2’
-T calls some pairs to stand up and read the dialogue.
-T shows Ly’s diary and explains the table in Ss books to help they understand about the diary

*Lucky numbers
-T lets Ss play the game to help them understand clearly the diary by answering questions

Ex: How are you today?
( I’m fine/ok/tired….
1. Do you watch TV in your free time?
2. Do you phay badminton everry moning?
3. What do you do in your free time?

-Now class,look at these pictures,who can tell me the activities of these people
1. He watche TV
2. She reads.
3. They play video games
4. He goes fishing
5. They go to the movie
6. She listens to music

-Today,we will go to a new leson to listen about some activities of Tan,Minh,Nam,Lan and Lien do in thier free times and the way to ask about the daily activities.
-Before listening,we will guess what do people do in thier free times.I would like to call some Ss to go to the board and write the activities you guess about these people.

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