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Unit 10. Sources of Energy. Lesson 1. Getting started

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Ngày gửi: 18h:27' 12-09-2015
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Period 1 - Week 1
* Preparing date:
* Teaching date:
A. Objectives:
- By the end of this lesson , Ss will be able to know about textbook –ENGLISH 7 and consolidate their knowledge about the present perfect tense and the comparison structures
B. Language knowledge:
1.Structure (Language Focus) :
-the present perfect tense and the comparison structures
2.Vocabulary : past participle
C. Teaching aids:
-Students: notebook, pen
-Teacher: lesson plan ,chalk ,posters
D. Skills:
-speaking, writing, listening
E. Procedures
I/ Warm up:
- Checking attendance.
-Asking for the teaching date.
II/ New lesson:
1.Activity 1:
-Introduce the English book. Student book and Workbook.
- It consists of 6 units
Unit 1: My hobbies – 7 lessons
Unit 2: Health
Unit 3: community service
Review 1
Unit 4: Music and arts
Unit 5: Vietnamese food and drink
Unit 6: The first University in Viet Nam
Review 2
2.Activity 2: Revision
- Individual work





2.2 The present perfect tense

( The present perfect?
Form: S + have/has + PII
Use: To talk about something which started in the past and continues up to the present.
We often use “For” and “Since” with the present perfect tense.
+ For: A period of time.
+ Since: A point of time (starting point)
( Complete sentences using the cues given:
a. I / live / here / last week.
- I have lived here since last week.
b. I / not see / her / yesterday.
- I haven’t seen her since yesterday.
c. We / not eat / in that restaurant / 2 years.
- We haven’t eaten in that restaurant for 2 years.
d. Ba / collect / stamps / 1995.
- Ba has collected stamps since 1995.
e. My dad / work / his company / 20 years.

*. Rewrite the following sentences:
It’s the oldest building in the town.
- No other............................................
It was the happiest day of my life.
- No other.................................................
It’s the best film.
- No other..........................................
She is the most popular singer in our country.
- No other singer..................................
It was the coldest day of the year.
- No other day.......................................
The bus takes longer than the train.
- The train travels..................................
=> Individual work. Compare in pairs.
T corrects them.
III/ Consolidation:
-Teacher gets 2 students to repeat the use and the form of the present perfect tense.
IV/ Homework:
Prepare for the next lesson: Unit 1: Getting started.
Period 2- Week 1
* Preparing date:
* Teaching date:
Lesson 1: getting started
A. Objectives:
-By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to listen and read for specific information about favourite hobbies then practice listening and speaking with the lexical items related to the topic "My hobbies".
B. Language knowledge:
1.Structure (Language Focus) :
- present simple: S + V(singular/ plural) …
- future simple: S + will + V(bare).
2.Vocabulary : upstairs, collect, unusual, occasion
C. Teaching aids:
-Students: notebook, textbook, pen
-Teacher: lesson plan,teacher’s book, CD, stereo
D. Skills:
- listening, reading
E. Procedures
I/ Warm up:
-Chatting: What do you like doing in your free time?
Do you like collecting dolls?
Do you like collecting glass bottles?
Do you enjoy mountain climbing?
+ What all these activities are called?
II/ New lesson:
- Teaches vocabulary:
+ upstairs (translation) /,/ (adv) trên lầu
+ a piece of cake (translation) (idiom) dễ
+ unusual /:/(adj) lạ
+ occasion (picture) // (n) nhân dịp
+ Activity 1: Open your book and look at the picture on page 8 and answer the questions below:
Can you guess who they are?
Where are they?
What can you see on the shelf?
What may the hobby be?
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