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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Thiên
Ngày gửi: 14h:00' 11-10-2021
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Số lượt tải: 115
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Week 1
Date of planning: …./…./2021
Date of teaching: …./…. /2021
Period 1: Getting started

A. Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, ss will be able to:
- extend and practice vocabulary related to hobbies;
- express their own hobbies.
1. Knowledge:
-Vocabulary: Words related to the topic “My hobbies”
- Grammar: Simple present, V-ing (gerund)
2. Competence development orientation: linguistic competence, cooperative learning and communicative competence.
3. Quality: Students love talking about some hobbies.
B. Teaching aids:
1. Teacher: Textbooks, teaching plan, teacher’s book…
2. Students: Textbooks, notebooks…
C. Procedures:
1. Checking: During the lesson.
2. New lesson:
Teacher’s and students` activities
The main contents

1. Warm up (5’)
a. Aim: To attract Ss’ attention to the lesson and lead in the new lesson.
b. Contents: Give some quesstions
c. Outcome: Ss can have some background knowledge about the topic of the lesson.
d. Organization: Ss work individually to answer the questions.

- T asks Ss some questions about what they like doing for pleasure in their free time.
- Ss answer the questions individually.
- T introduces the unit title on the board: My hobbies”
-What do you like doing in your free time?
- Do you like collecting dolls?
- Do you like collecting glass bottles?
- Do you enjoy mountain climbing?

- What all these activities are called?

2. Presentation (10’)
a. Aim: To help Ss recognize some vocabularies related to the topic and listen and read the conversation about a hobby.
b. Contents:
+ To study vocabulary.
c. Outcome: Ss can master some vocabularies related to the topic and listen and read the conversation about a hobby well.
d. Organization:
+ Ss work individually to study vocabulary.
+ Ss work in groups to listen and read.

- T elicits the words from students.
- T uses different techniques to teach vocabulary.
- Ss listen, repeat and take notes in their notebooks.

=> Checking: Matching.

- T asks Ss to look at the picture in the book and answer the questions:
+ Can you guess who are they ?
+ Where are they?
+ What can you see on the shelf ?
+ What may the hobby be ?
- Ss answer the questions in pairs.
- T lets Ss listen to the dialogue. Ss read the dialogue in groups of three.
- T explains the meaning of the idoms “a piece of cake ” from the conversation: as easy as a pie/ as ABC = very easy, or very easily; all of a piece = all at the same time...etc...
* Vocabulary:
+ upstairs(adv): trên gác (picture)
+ unusual(adj): khác thường (situation)
+ a piece of cake (idom): dễ ợt (situation)
+ skate(v): trượt pa tanh (picture)
+ arrange (v): sắp xếp (translation)
+ board game (n) trò chơi trên bàn cờ (translation)
1. Listen and read
- They are Nick, Elena ( Nick’s sister) and Mi.
- They are at Nick’s house.
- I can see so many dolls on the shelf. The hobby may be collecting dolls.

3. Practice (23’)
a. Aim: To help Ss understand the conversation and develop Ss’ vocabulary of hobbies
b. Contents:
+ To practice exercises
c. Outcome: Ss can understand the conversation cleary and they can develop their vocabulary of hobbies well.
d. Organization:
+ Ss work individually/in pairs to complete the exercises.

- T asks Ss to work independently, read the conversation again and decide if they are true or false.
- Ss work individually. Then Ss share the answers with a partner.
- Ss write the answers on the board.
- T corrects.

- T asks Ss to discuss and answer the questions about the dialogue in pairs.
- Ss practice in pairs.
- T calls some students to the board and write their answers. Ss do it.
- T corrects.

- T asks Ss listen to the recording and repeat the words/ phrases. Ss work individually to do task 2.
- T has some students practise the words/ phrases. Ss do it.

- T asks Ss work individually to match the words/ phrases from 2 with the pictures. Have them compare the answers with a partner. Ss do it.
- T asks for Ss’ answers.
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