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Review 2 . (4-5-6). Lesson 1. Language

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Người gửi: Lưu Đức Diện
Ngày gửi: 16h:02' 12-12-2016
Dung lượng: 14.2 MB
Số lượt tải: 776
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Week: 17: REVIEW 2 ( UNIT 4,5,6 – LANGUAGE ) Date of making: 05/12/2016
Period: 48 Date of teaching: 06/12/2016
I. Objectives:
By the end of this lesson, students can get to know some things about pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.
II. Language Focus:
1. Vocabulary: the lexical items related to adjectives, nouns.
2. Structures: Wil/ won’tl to express intentions.
Should/ shouldn’t for advice.
Comparatives and superlatives.
III. Method: Communicative approach
IV. Teaching ads: Course book, CD player.
V. Procedures:

Teacher’s Activities
Sts’ Activities

A. Stabilization:
- Greet students and ask about the absent students (if there’s someone absent)
B. Checking-up:
- Write these sentences on the board.
- Ask sts to put these words into the sentences below to make correct sentences.
- Ask them read the sentences.
- Correct some mistakes.

C. New lesson:
Activity 1:
Explain ti the sts that listening to and reading tongue twisters aloud is a good and funny way to improve their pronunciation if they can’t do it very well at first.
Tell sts the first tongue twisters is for practicsing the sounds /I / and /I:/, the second is for /t/ and /st/ and the third is for /s/ and / /
Ask Ss to listen while you play the recordeing.
Have ss practise the tongue twisters individually and in pairs.
Challenge them to volunteer to say the tongur twisters for the whole class.

Activity 2:
Give ss enough time to do the task individually.
Then tell them they will play the game “ Race to the board”
Cppy the adjective list to the board.
Ask for 20 volunteers for 2 teams, each team of ten students.
The 2 teams stand in 2 lines facing toword the board and when they hear the signal sound from the teacher. They will take turn to write the opposites on the board as they can.
The fast team which hac most correct answers wins.
Activity 3:
Ask Ss close their books and listen to T reading the definition.
Have them guess the words first.
Don’t give correct yet.
Then ask Ss to open the books and do the task.
Aks Ss to write the answers on the board.
Ask the others correct them.
Give correct answers.

Activity 4:
Ask Ss to give some words they know about each topics.
The tell them they will put the words in bold in 3 in their appropriate group.
Allow Ss to work together for this task.
Ask Ss to read aloud these words. Others repeat.
Give the correct answers.
Ask them coppy into their notebook.

Activity 5:
Do the first sentence with Ss a model.
Ask them to identify the adjective (cold).
Ask them to give opposite, then elicit the new sentence beginning with the subject “Vietnam”.
Tell them to do similarly with the rest.
They can find the oppsites in the word lists in 2.
Ask them read their sentences. Others listen to.
Give correct answers.

Activity 6:
Ask ss how often they go online, and what they often do online.
Tell them Internet is useful, but sometimes it can be dangerous because it is difficult to say if the information they receive can be really be trusted.
Explain CEOP is police agency of the UK government, which helps reduce child exploitation and protects children when they go online.
Aks the do the task . Then choose the correct word.
Give correct answer.

Activity 7:
Revise with Ss how will / won’t is used.
Ask Ss to look for clues from the surrounding words do decide if they need to use will / won’t.
After they have finished, provide corrective feedback and have Ss read the passage out aloud.
Encourage them to use the contraction them to use the contraction _____’ll.
Aks the do the task . Then choose the correct word.
Give correct answer

Activity 8:
Ask Ss to work in pairs to match the questions with the replies to make mini dialogues.
Provide feedback for them.
Then aks the to practise saying the dialogues together.
Correct some mistakes on pronuciation.

D. Consolidation.
Review some points of languages.
Remind them how to use.

D. Homework

- T-Whole class

- Individual work

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