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Unit 12. Music

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Đức Long
Ngày gửi: 17h:58' 10-03-2017
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Số lượt tải: 51
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Date of preparing:
Date of teaching :
Subject : English 10
Time allowance : 45`
Teacher : Nguyen Duc Long

Period 74: B.SPEAKING

I. Objective : 1. Knowledge : By the end of the lesson, student will be able to :
- Know more words and structures related to music.
- Learn more specific information about music : kinds of music, reasons for listening to music, favourite bands / musicians, favourite songs / pieces of music, time to listen to music 2. Skill :
- Use words and structures related to music to ask and answer about other’s taste of music
-Talking about favourite kinds of music.
- Improve other skills: speaking, listening and reading.
3. Attitude :
- Students work effectively and enthusiastically in the classroom activities.
- Students develop concern and interest in music. II. Method : - Intergrated mainly communicate III. Teaching aids : - Text book, chalk,board,projector, computer….
IV. Anticipated problem : Students may get difficulty in finding words related to music and expressing their own taste of music.
V. Proceduce : 1. Class organization [ 1min ]
Date of teaching

2. Checking homework . - Checking during new lesson. 3. New lesson.

 Teacher’s activitives
 Student’s activitives

Warm- up [ 5 mins ]
- Give some pieces of music.
- Ask students listen carefully and tell the names of the song and the bands or the singers.

- Lead to the new lesson.

- Listen carefully.
- Answers:
1. Nơi này có anh- Sơn Tùng MTP.
2. Bang bang bang- Big Bang Band.
3. Bống bống bang bang- 365 Band.
4. Hello- Adele
5. Sau tất cả- St.319

Before you speak [10 mins ]
- Give some new structures:
1. Keep sb happy = make sb happy : lafm cho ai vui
2. Cheer sb up = make sb exicted: làm cho ai vui vẻ lên
3. to be easy + to do st = do st easily: dễ để làm gì đó.
- Aks students take note the new structures. * Task 1: Read what Ha Anh says about music. - Ask students to listen to the introduction.
- Ask sts work in pairs to ask and anwers the question .
- Go around to observe students` working.
- Call some students to answer.

- Listen to the teacher .

- Take notes .

- Listen
- Work in pairs to ask and answer the questions
- Some students present: 1. She likes pop music. 2. Beacause it keeps her happy . 3. The Backstreet Boy 4. She listens to music all the time

While-s peaking [ 12 mins ]

Task 2 : Ask and answer about music taste - Tell students that they are going to ask your partner question to get information to complete the table below .
- Give some suggested questions to students:

+ What kind of music do you like?
+ Why do you like it?
+ What is your favourite band/ musician?
+ What is your favourite song/ piece of music ?
+ When do you listen to music ?
- Ask students work in pairs and pratice asking and answering to get information to complete the table. - Go around to help sts and collect the mistakes.
- Call some pairs to present their works.
- Feedback

- Listen.

- Listen and take notes.

- Work in pairs and pratice.

- Answers.

- Listen

After – speaking
[ 8 mins ]
 Task 3 : Reporting on the information. - Ask sts to report what they have got from their friends to the whole class. - Ask sts to look at the example and elicits some structures they can use : + Both A and B like…... They like it because....
+ A likes …,and so does B + A likes …,and B does, too + A likes …..,but B prefers….
- Ask students to contrast the table ( task 2) with each pairs. - Ask students to prepare in one of minute
- Ask some to report what they have found out about each pairs in frount of the class
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