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Unit 10. Conservation

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Người gửi: Phạm Văn Phương (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 21h:18' 30-12-2014
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CE121a CE 121
Date : ngày tháng
Time : giờ phút ~ giờ phút
Name: _____________________


( The passive voice
Passive voice of the present perfect tense
(Câu bị động của thì hiện tại hoàn thành)
Active: S + have / has past participle + O

Passive: S’ + have/has been past participle (by O’)
_ He has used this car since 2000.
( This car has been used since 2000.

Change the sentences into the passive voice
_ The doctor has already examined the sick child.
( The sick child has already been examined by the doctor.
I’ve just cleaned the floor.
Mr. Brown has just bought a new house.

Passive voice of the past perfect tense
(Câu bị động của thì quá khứ hoàn thành)
Active: S + had past participle + O

Passive: S’ + had been past participle (by O’)
_ Mary had helped John.
( John had been helped by Mary.

Change the sentences into the passive voice (subject is underlined words)
_ Someone had forgotten to lock the door.
( The door had been forgotten to lock.
1. My parents had already cooked dinner by the time I got home.
2. Sue had never seen Madonna before.
3. They have built this bridge since last year.
4. We haven’t finished our homework yet.
CE122a CE 122

Change the sentences into the passive voice (subject is underlined words)
_ The teacher had given a quiz when I got to class.
( A quiz had been given by the teacher when I got to class.
1. I had never seen any of Picasso’s paintings before I visited the art museum.
2. Scientists have just discovered a new planet.
3. Somebody had already reported the accident before I phoned.
4. Those students have finished the test.
5. We lost the key yesterday.
6. The foreman is showing the students around the factory.

Rewrite the following sentences without changing their original meanings
_ Somebody had already reported the accident before I phoned.
( The accident had already been reported before I phoned.
1. She is watering the flowers.
The flowers
2. They were cutting down the tree.
The tree
3. We have visited this area many times this year.
This area
4. She invited me to her wedding party.
5*. People provided the poor with much food.
The poor
6. A friend of mine helped me to get a job. His father is the manager of a company.
A friend of mine whose
7. They will hold the next meeting in Chicago.
The next meeting
 CE123a CE 123

8*. Nobody has read this book for a long time.
This book
9. I had a terrible headache but I followed the group to see the sights.
10. The man is a famous scientist. You visited him last month.
The man whom
11. He eats a lot of meat and potatoes to gain weight.
A lot of meat and potatoes
12. Mary doesn’t study hard so she will not pass the coming exam.
13. The cat jumped through the window.
I saw
14*.He spent two hours doing homework yesterday.
It took
(use: “It took + Object + time + to inf”)

Find out the mistake from the underlined words
_ A new bridge has built across the river.
( câu B: has been built
About one hundred buildings and houses A B destroyed in the earthquake last year. C D
When my uncle was in London, he has stayed in A B C this hotel for about two weeks. D
The girl whom saw you last night is my close A B C D friend.
The house is being painting by the neighbors at A
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