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trung học cơ sở tiếng anh 9 kỳ I

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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Thúy Hà
Ngày gửi: 10h:12' 15-04-2019
Dung lượng: 767.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 1
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Teaching date:
Class 9A:…. / ..... / 2018
Class 9B:..... / ..... / 2018
Class 9C:..... / ..... / 2018
Period 1

I. Objectives By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to:
1. Knowledge:
- Review forms and uses of requests, offers, promise, passive, past progressive tense
2. Skills:
- Develop the writing skill.
- Communicate.
3. Attitude:
- Eager to learm English and contribute the idea for the lesson.
II. Preparation
1. Teacher’s: Text book, work book,...
2. Students’: Text books, work books, school things, ....
III. Teaching - Learning Procedure
1. Organization (1’)
- Class 9A: ..../.....Out
- Class 9B: ..../.....Out
- Class 9C: ..../.....Out
2. Check up (3’) Check Ss’ preparation for new school year.
3. New lesson
Teacher `s and Ss` activities

* Modal "Will": Request, offer, promise:
- T: Reminds the uses and forms:
- Ss: Listen to the T and review.

*Passive voice:
- T: Asks Ss to repeat the forms of passive voice:
- Ss: Repeat following the teacher.
- T: Makes examples:
- Ss: Look at the board and copy

* Past progressive:
- T: Repeats the uses and forms of Past progressive tense:
- Ss: Listen and take notice

- T: Gives some examples.
- Ss: Look and make more.

* Would/Do you mind ... ?
- T: Asks Ss to retell the way to use the structure.
- Ss: Give out .

- T: Gives some examples.
- Ss: Look and make more.

* Reported speech:

- T: Asks Ss to retell the changes when they rewrite the reported speech.
- Ss: Listen and remind.
- T: Helps Ss to change some examples
- Ss: Do following the modal.






1. Modals.
* We often use: "Will/would you please + verb ... ?
With the answers:
Yes, of course / No, I` m afraid ...
- Examples:
+ Will/ Would you please open the door for me ? (request).
+ Will you carry that for me ? (offer)
+ He will pass his coming exam. He promises. (promise)
2. Passive voice.
* Passive forms with present simple and future simple
+ "... (am / is / are) + Past participle (PII)"
+ "... (shall/ will) be + Past participle(PII)"
- Compare active and passive:
Active: I do this exercise.
1 2 3
Passive: This exercise is done by me.
3 2 1
+ Active form: S + V + Obj
+ Passive form: S + to be + PII + by + Obj
3. Past progressive.
S + was/were + V-ing + O.
* The use:
- Express an action that was happening at the fix time in the past.
Eg: I was watching TV at 7 p.m last night.
- Express an action that was happening , and the other action happened.
Eg: I was watching TV when the phone rang.
- Express two actions was happening at the same time in the past.
Eg: I was doing my homework while my mother was watching TV.
4. Structure.
- Process as above
Note: Request
If sentences can be used as an indirect way of asking for permission especially if you don`t want to bother the listener.
EX: You want to open the window but you think your friend might not want you to ...
Would you mind opening the window / If I open the window ?
5. Reported speech.
Ex: Marry said, “I am tired now “
 Marry said (that) she was tired at once.

4. Consolidation (5’)
- T: Asks Ss to repeat the basic forms that they` ve reviewed.
5. Home work (3’)
- Prepare the
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