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trung học cơ sở anh 9 kỳ II

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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Thúy Hà
Ngày gửi: 10h:13' 15-04-2019
Dung lượng: 702.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 1
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Teaching date:
Class 9A:... / ..... / 2019
Class 9B:... / ..... / 2019
Class 9C:... / ..... / 2019
Period 37
unit 6: the environment
Getting started - listen and read

I. Objectives By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to:
1. Knowledge:
- Talk about the environment and the works of the volunteer conversation.
+ Garbage dump, deforestation, dynamite,pesticide,kindly,disappointed,spray,spoil.
2. Skills:
- Develop reading and speaking skills.
3. Attitude:
- Pay attention to the lesson, protect the environment.
II. Preparation
1. Teacher’s: Tape, cassette.
2. Students’: School things, ....
III. Teaching - Learning Procedure
1. Organization (1’)
- Class 9A: ..../….. Out
- Class 9B: ..../….. Out
- Class 9C: ..../….. Out
2. Check up (3’) Check Ss’ school things.
3. New lesson

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities

*Warm -up: Chatting.
- T: Asks Ss some questions.
- Qs: What do you think about the enviroment ? Is it polluted ? why ?
- What do you do to protect the environment ?
People detroy forest and animals, produce a lot of trash, there are a lot of factories.
We don’t damage the trees, throw trash on the roads, don’t fire the forest, protect animals, plant trees, collect trash ........
- Ss: Answer the questions.

* Pre - reading:
- T: Elicits some new words
- T: Helps Ss to read the new words.
- Ss: Read the new words in chorus.
- T: Checks up the new words.
- T: Presents the content of the text.

- T: Lets Ss to predict.

* While- Reading:
- T: Turns on the tape twice
- Ss: Listen to the tape
- T: Lets Ss to read the text again then check their predictions.
- Ss: Read the text silently then check the prediction.
- T: Guides Ss to answer the comprehension questions
- Ss: Work in groups to answer the questions.
- T: Calls some Ss to perform before class.
- Ss: Answer the question before class
- T: Corrects the mistakes.
*Post -reading:
- T: Lets Ss show their ideas about how to protect the environment.





1. Vocabulary
garbage dump: bãi rác
deforesttation: sự tàn phá rừng
dynamite: thuốc nổ
pesticide: thuốc sâu
kindly: tử tế
disappointed: thất vọng
spray: phun
spoil: làm ô nhiễm
*Prediction by matching they do.

1. Group 1
2. Group 2
3. Group 3
4. Mr Jones
5. Mrs Smith
6. Mr Brown
a. Collets all the bags and take them to the garbage dump
b. Check among the rocks
c. Provide a picnic lunch for everyone
d. Give out the bags
e. Check the sand
f. Walk along the shore

2. Answers.
1. Mr Brown .
2. Members of the volunteer conversation .
3. On the beach .
4. To clear the beach .
5. They will make the beach clean and beautiful again.

4. Consolidation (2’)
- Remind the main knowleges.

5. Homework (2’)
- Learn by heart the new words, do some thing to protect the environment.
- Prepare the next lesson

Teaching date:
Class 9A:... / ..... / 2019
Class 9B:... / ..... / 2019
Class 9C:... / ..... / 2019
 Period 38
unit 6: the environment
speak and listen

I. Objectives By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to:
1. Knowledge:
- Express their persuasion with sb to do smth(protect the environment) and Ss have to listening comprehension to get the main information about the ocean pollution.
- Practice using some modals + I think
+ Can I ......?
+ What / how about + Ving ....?
+ How can we ......?
2. Skills:
- Develop listening and speaking skills.
3. Attitude: -
- Pay attention
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