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Tiếng Anh 7 (Sách mới). Giáo án học kì 1

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Người gửi: Vũ Thị Thu Hương
Ngày gửi: 18h:10' 20-06-2021
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Số lượt tải: 21
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Date of planning: 25/9/ 2020
Date of teaching: 7C: 28/ 9/ 2020: 7AB: 29/ 9/ 2020
Period: 10 UNIT 2: HEALTH
Lesson 3: A closer look 2
I. Objectives.
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use: imperatives with more and less; form compound sentences and use them correctly.
+ Vocab: words about health tips.
+ Grammar: imperatives with more and less, form compound sentences .
+ Skills: speaking, reading, writing.
* Better Ss can use structure to ttalk about their friends health problems and give them some advices
II. Teaching aids:
- Extra- boards
III. Procedure
Students’ and teacher’s activities

1. Class organization.(1’)
2. Checking the old lesson.(5’)
Ask 2 Ss to role-play the meeting with the doctor.
- Other Ss remark
- T gives feedback
3. New lesson.
*Warm up.(2’)
T can give Ss simple classroom commands. Eg: stand up, sit down, raise your hand, open your book, close your book.
Ss do the command as the T says it.
* Activity 1: Imperatives with more and less (15’)
Introduction: Teacher writes the word IMPERATIVE on the board and explains to children that the imperative can be used for direct, commands, orders or suggestions.
T asks Ss to open their books and read through the yellow box (tracking the words with their fingers) as T reads the tex aloud. T may want to check the Ss comprehension by asking some comprehension checking questions. Eg: When I feel tired should I sleep more or less? What should I do if I am doing poorly in school? What should I do if I want to lose weight? Put on weight?
Ex1: T asks Ss to look at the four pictures and calls on Ss to tell the class what they see. T divides the Ss into pairs and asks pairs to give advice to each person in the picture. In more advanced classes Ss can also give reasons for the advice. T gives Ss 2-3 minutes to come up with ideas for advice and then T calls on some groups to share with the class.
Ex2: T asks Ss to look at the yellow Grammar Box again. T asks Ss to think for a moment about which 6 pieces of advice are most important to teens. Then, T asks Ss to discus their ideas in pairs or groups of three.
T asks a few groups to share their ideas.
- T takes a quick class poll to see which 6 pieces of advice the class thinks are most improtant. T writes the ideas on the board.
* Activity 2: Compound sentences: (14’)
- T writes AND, OR, BUT, and SO on the board. T asks Ss what these words are called.
Ss: Conjunction ( Ss may answer in English or Vietnamese).
T asks Ss to read the first paragraph of the Yellow Box and asks: What do we call a sentence made by linking two simple sentences?
T asks Ss to read the second paragraph of the Yellow Box and again: What does a coordinating conjunction do?
Answer: It joins two simple sentences.
T divides the class up into three large groups. The first group is ‘Independent clause 1’, the second group is ‘Conjunction’, and the third group is ‘Independent Clause 2’. The whole class reads the table aloud. Each group chorally chants their part of the sentence when T calls out the name of their group.
The class repeats this process for the rest of the sentences in the table.
Once they have finished T asks the class: ‘Where does the comma go in a comound sentence?’
Answer: It goes after the first independent clause
Ex4: T asks Ss to complete the exercise individually. T corrects the exercise with the class.
4. Production: (5’)
Ex 6: T asks Ss to complete the exercise individually.
- Ask some Ss to present before class
* Better Ss: Talk about his/her health problems and others give him/her some advices.
5.Homework: (3’)
- Study grammar and do exercises text book and in the Workbook.
Prepare: Communication: Read the statements and find out the new words and find some ways to keep fit and stay healthy

I- Imperatives with more and less
Eg: - Relax more.
- Watch less TV.
* Câu mệnh lệnh dùng để hướng dẫn, ra lệnh, yêu cầu hoặc gợi ý.

Ex1: Look at the pictures. Which advice would you give to each of these people? Use the imperatives with more or less above.
Suggested answers:
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