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Người gửi: Trung Thanh
Ngày gửi: 16h:28' 12-09-2018
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Period1: Date of planning: ……/……/……
Date of teaching: ……/……/……
Lesson 1: Getting Started–My favourite hobby.
I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Extend and practice vocabulary related to hobbies.
- Listen and read a conversation about hobbies in detail.
- Express their own hobbies.
II. Language content:
-Vocab: vocabularies related to hobbies.
-Grammar : Present simple tense , V-ing (gerund)
III. Teaching aid:Ss’books , text books, posters , tape and radio.
IV. Procedures





*Brainstorming : ( board)
-T writes the word hobbies on the board and divides the class into two groups.The two groups use the different chalk
-Ask Ss in each group take turn to write their hobbies
-The group with more and correct words is the winner
-Introduce the new lesson
-T elicits the words from Ss
-Follow the seven steps of teaching vocab
upstairs (adv) : trên gác (picture)
unusual (a) khác thường ( explanation)
a piece of cake (idom) : dễ ợt (explanation)
skate (v) : trượt pa tanh ( picture)
arrange (v) : sắp xếp (examle)
board game (n) : trò chơi trên bàn cờ (picture)
same (a) : như nhau ( reality)
*Set the scene :
-T asks Ss to look at the picture on page 6 and aswer these questions:
+Can you guess who they are?
+Where are they?
+What can you see on the shelf?
-Ss anwer by guessing
-T writes quickly the answers on the board
-T introduces Elena-Nick’s sister
-T plays the recording
1. Listen and read:(tape)
-Listen and read then check the guessing :
+They are Nick , Elena and Mi
+They are at Nick and Elena’s house
+There are a lot of dolls on the shelf
a.T/F ( Show the poster )(1aP7)
-Go through the sentences
-Ask Ss to work individually then share their answers
-Give feedback
1. T 2. T 3. F:Mi’s hobby is collecting glass bottles
4. F: Her parents , aunt and uncle 5. T
b. Answer the questions( book)(1bP7)
-Go through the questions
-Ask Ss to work in pairs to ask and aswer the questions
-Call on some pairs to practice
-Call Ss to write the answers on the board
-Give feedback
1.She receives dolls on special occasions
2.No, they aren’t3.She keeps them after using them
4.No, she doesn’t5.No, he hasn’t
2.Listen and repeat(tape)(2P7)
-Play the recording
-Ask Ss to listen to the tape and repeat
3.Matching : (Books )(3P7)
-Have Ss work individually to match the words from 2 with the picture
-Let them compare their answer with a partner
-Get feedback and confirm the correct answer
1. playing board games 2. taking photos3. bird-watching 4. cycling5. playing the guitar 6. gardening
8.arranging flowers 9.skating
4.Complete the table. ( Show the poster )(4P7)
-Ask Ss to work in pairs to complete the table
-Give feedback
+Cheap hobbies:gardening,bird-watching,collecting bottles,...
+Expensive hobbies:taking photos,playing the guitar,arranging flowers
+Easy hobbies:gardening , collecting bottles,playing boarding games
+Difficult hobbies:playing the guitar,cooking,arranging flowers,skating
*Game:Find someone who (board) (5P7)
-Ask Ss how to complete the table,using “Do you like...?”

-Ask Ss to recall about hobbies

-Prepare: Unit 1. Lesson 2. A closer look 1



Individual work

Individual work


Individual work

Individual work



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