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Progress Test 1
Look at the pictures and say what is happening. Use the verbs, play, do, or write.

1 Hes writing a poem. 2

(2 points for each correct answer)
Write the nouns.
Example behave behaviour
admire 4 offensive
arrange 5 feel
(1 point for each correct answer)
I |ĩo
Read the definitions and complete the words.
Example A person who can make you laugh is humorous.
A person who always arrives on time is
p — t l.
A person who puts up with other people’s faults is
t e t.
A person who doesn’t show their feelings easily is
r v d.
A person who loves their country is
na n l c.
A person who treats their guests well is
ho i le.
(1 point for each correct answer)
Complete the table with the Past Simple and past
participle of these irregular verbs. One example has
been given.
Base form
Past Simple
Past Participle












(1 point for each correct answer)
Complete the sentences with the correct form of do, be, or have.
Example When were you born?
1 Where she living at the moment?
you ever been skiing?
3 What
you do last weekend?
‘I’m sorry I’m late.’ ‘Don’t worry. I , been waiting long.’
he work in the same company as you?
6 She wasn’t very happy because she . had a bad day.
. manufactured in 1995.
© Oxford University Press
We love going to the theatre but our children enjoy it much.
I getting married in a few weeks.
10 When I arrived at my neighbour’s house, they
having an argument.
(1 point for each correct answer)
Make the sentences passive.
Example Do they still deliver the post at midday?
Is the post still delivered at midday?
They have arrested hundreds of burglars over the past six months.
Hundreds of burglars
India exports a lot of the world’s silk. A lot of the world’s silk
Does the factory still make parts for cars?
Are parts for cars ?
They had already given the job to someone else by the time I arrived.
The job
They damaged my car while I was away on holiday.
My car .
They’re cleaning the swimming pool just now.
The swimming pool .
They have interviewed ten people since Friday. Ten people
That restaurant serves the best food in town. The best food in town
Local people were searching the area at midnight last night.
The area
They are providing information and help at the main desk.
Information and help
(1 point for each correct answer)
I |l0
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.
Example They flew (fly) to Barcelona last week.
A funny thing happened to me the other day. I
(1) (be) in a hurry to get to work and I found
that my car wasn’t working. I (2) (have to)
rush out of the house to catch the bus. While I
(3) (walk) along the Street, I (4)
(notice) a woman of about my age on the opposite side
of the road. I looked at her again and I (5)
(realize) that we (6) (meet) before. She
arrived at the bus stop a couple of seconds after me. ‘She must be catching the bus, too,’ I thought.
We (7) just (miss) the previous bus
and we had fifteen minutes to wait before the next one.
looked at the woman behind me again and I was sure
that I (8) (know) her.
‘Excuse me, have we met before? I’m sure that I
(9) (recognize) you,’ I said.
She looked a bit surprised, but she (10) (tell)
me that her name was Angela Barker.
‘You (11) (study) history at Liverpool
University’ I shouted, ‘from 1985
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