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Người gửi: Nguyễn Lan Hương
Ngày gửi: 14h:21' 01-02-2012
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Số lượt tải: 83
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Week 19
Unit 9 : A first-aid course

Period 55
Lesson 1. getting started & listen and read

A. Objectives:
- By the end of the lesson Ps are able to what they would do the situations which require first aid. Reading for details about the situations which require first aid.
B. Preparations
Materials: Text book, lesson plan, CD, gap fill chart. Pictures on page 80.
Method: Communication approach, Discussion
C. Procedure:
I. Organization:
- Class: 8A: Total : 29 – Absent: ………………. ( Date:……………………..)
8B: Total : 27 – Absent: ………………. ( Date:……………………..)
Teacher’s & Students’ activities

II. Warm up
+ Have Ss work with a partner to discuss what they would do in the situations which require first-aid
a. a girl has a burn on her arm
b. a girl has a nose bleed
c. a boy has a bad cut on his leg
d. a boy has a bee sting.
* Some words cues: emergency room, medicated oil, water pack, ice, alcohol, sterile dressing
III. New lesson
1. Presentation
* Set the scene.
* Pre teach vocab.
- Guide Ss to read the words in chorus.
- Call them to practice reading in front of the class.
- Checking vocabulary: What and where.
- Stick a picture about Lan and the nurse on board.
- Ask sts questions:
( Where are they?
( What happened?
- Ask sts to look at the table, read and guess which one is true or false.
- Write sts’ guess on board.
2. Practice:
* Checking sts’ guess:
- Get sts to read the dialogue on p.80 in pair to check.
- Open tape.
- Ask sts to correct false statements.
* Hang the chart with the paragraph on the board.
- Ask sts read the dialogue again and fill in the missing words.
- Work in groups.
- Ask sts to write on board.
- Correct mistakes.
IV. Production
+ Have Ps work in groups to discuss the topics covered in the dialogue.

V. Homework:
- Learn new words + Do exercise 1 in work book.
I. Getting started
* Sample ideas:
a. I’ll use cold water to ease the pain. I’ll take her to the nearest clinic. I’ll get her an ice pack..
b. Let her stand straight. Use some absorbent cotton to cover her bleed nose for some minutes.
c. Wash the cut with alcohol to sterilize it. Cover it with a bandage and take him to the hospital.
d. Wash the sting with alcohol, then rob some ointment on it.
II. Listen and read
1. New words
- ambulance (n) : xe cứu thương (picture)
- wound (n) : vết thương (visuals)
- promise (n): lời hứa (situation)
- emergency (n) : tình trạng khẩn cấp, cấp cứu
- conscious (adj) :trong trạng thái tỉnh táo
- (to) bleed: chảy máu (situation)
2. T/ F statements:

 1. A teacher is hurt

 2. She had a traffic accident

 3. She has a cut on her leg

 4.The nurse asked Lan to try and stop the bleeding .

 5. A car will take the injured person to hospital

 6. The injured person must stay awake

3. Gap fill:
“There was an emergency at Lan’s school. A student ---- (1) ----- off her bike and hit her head on the road. She had a bad cut on her –(2)--- and the ---- (3) ---- was ----(4)---
badly. Lan telephoned Bach Mai Hospital and asked the nurse to send an ---- (5) ---- to Quang Trung School. Lan was asked to keep the student ---- (6) ---- while waiting for the ambulance.”
(1) felt (2) head (3) cut
(4) bleeding (5) ambulance (6) awake

4. Select the topics covered in the dialogue.
a. Describing the condition of the injured person
b. Asking for the address
c. Asking about the condition of the injured person.
d. Asking for advice.
e. Giving first – aid instructions
f. Arranging for an ambulance
g. Saying the injured person name.
- Copy

Week 19
Unit 9 : A first-aid course

Period 56
Lesson 2. SPEAK & listen

A. Objectives:
By the end of
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