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Người gửi: Phan Thi Thach (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 21h:01' 04-11-2008
Dung lượng: 28.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 6508
Số lượt thích: 0 người
BÀI 8: CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN Gạch chân đáp án đúng 1) If that hat costs much, I (would have bought/will buy/bought/would buy) a small one. 2) If you (drive/drove/had driven/driven) more carefully, you wouldn’t have had so many accidents. 3) If I (make/makes/made/had made) that mistake again, my teacher will get angry with me. 4) If I spoke English, my job (was/were/will be/would be) a lot easier. 5) If he (goes/went/had gone/would go) to London yesterday, he (met/would meet/had met/would have met) his old friend. 6) I will lend them some money if they (ask/will ask/asked/had asked) me. 7) If we had known who he was, we (would have invited/have invited/will invite/would invite) him to speak at our meeting. 8) My dog will bark if it (hear/hears/heard/had heard) any strange sound. 9) If I (had/had had/will have/have) enough money, I would buy a house. 10) They (won’t let/not let/wouldn’t let/hadn’t let) you in if you come late. 11) If you (not go/don’t go/hadn’t gone/didn’t go) away, I’ll send for a policeman. 12) If I (were/am/be/was) in your place, I would accept Mr. Anderson’s invitation. 13) If I (win/had won/won/winning) a big prize in a lottery, I’d give up my job. 14) If I (is/am/was/were) you, I (will tell/told/would tell/would have told) the truth. 15) I was busy. If I (have/had/had had/have had) free time. I (would go/will go/would have gone/go) to the cinema with you. 16) Why didn’t you attend the meeting? Oh, I did not know. If I (know/knew/had known/known) I (would come/would have come/will come/had come) there. 17) What (would/will/did/had) we do if they do not come tomorrow? 18) If I had enough time now, I (would write/write/will write/wrote) to my parents. 19) It’s too bad Helen isn’t here. If she (is/was/were/are) here, she (will know/knows/would know/would have known) what to do. 20) If I don’t eat breakfast tomorrow morning, I (will get/got/would get/had got) hungry during class. 21) If she (come/comes/came/had come) late again, she’ll lose her job. 22) I’ll let you know if I (find/finds/found/had found) out what’s happening. 23) If we (live/lived/would live/had lived) in a town, life would be better. 24) I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if we (arrive/arriving/arrived/had arrived) early. 25) We (will phone/would phone/phoned/had phoned) you if we have time. 26) If I won the lottery, I (gave/had given/will give/would give) you half the money. 27) It (will/would/can/may) be a pity if she married Fred. 28) If I’m free on Saturday, I (to go/could go/went/can go) to the mountains. 29) She (will has/had/will have/have) a nervous breakdown if she goes on like this. 30) I know I’ll feel better if I (will stop/stopped/stop/had stopped) smoking. 31) If I (am/were/will be/had been) you, I would help him. 32) I could have understood him if he (speaks/spoke/had spoken/would speak) more slowly. 33) He didn’t listen to the teacher. If he (listens/listened/has listened/had listened) carefully, he (will performed/would perform/would have performed/had performed) well in the examination. 34) He’s waiting for his mother to come back from Chicago. If his mother (come/comes/will come/came) home, he (will has/will have/has/had) a lot of presents. 35) He wanted to buy some Christmas presents but he couldn’t. If he (afforded/affords

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