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Người gửi: Vi Thi Bich Lien
Ngày gửi: 09h:12' 08-12-2009
Dung lượng: 58.3 KB
Số lượt tải: 2584
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Preparing date: 13/10/2009
Teaching date: 14/10/2009 class 9
Tự chọn Tiếng anh 9
Period 1 Review unit 1

USED TO: (Đã từng )
1)Affirmative ( Khẳng định )
S+ used to +bare infinitive

Ex: My father used to be a high school teacher.
2) Negative: (Phủ định )
S+ + use to + bare infinitive

 Ex:We use to go to school by bus.
3) Questions: ( Câu hỏi)

Ex: Where did you use to live when you were a child?
The sentence with “Wish” and “if only” (giá mà, ước mà)
1.For present actions.

Ex: I speak Chinese.
( I wish
If only I could speak Chinese.
Lan understand the Grammar lesson.
( She wishes she understood the Grammar lesson
2. For future actions.

Ex: We are going to do a test tomorrow.
( We wish we going to do a test tomorrow.
Tom come with us on the trip to the countryside.
We wish he would come with us on the trip to the countryside
3. Past wish

Structure with “ timeand “rather …”

1. time + S + past subjunctive
Eg: time you studied your lessons harder
midnight. time we went home

2. time for sb to do sth
Eg: time for you to study your lessons harder
time for us to go home

3. rather + S + past subjunctive
Eg: rather you go
rather you cooked dinner

Getting started:
Listen and read.
C. two weeks
B. Ha Noi people are friendly
D. All the above
B. Invite Lan to Kuala Lumpur.
Key: a – 1 b – 2 c - 2
a, 1. Area: 329,758 sq km 5. Capital city: Kuala Lumpur
2. Population: over 22 million 6. Official religion: Islam
3. Climate: tropical climate 7. National language: Bahasa Malaysia
4. Unit of currency: riggit. 8. Compulsory second language: English
b, 1. T
2. F : There are more than two religions
3. F: English, Chinese, and Tamil are also widely spoken.
4. F: One of the three: Malay, Chinese, Tamil.
5. F: English is a compulsory second language, not primary language of instruction.
Language Focus
Ex 2:
Mai made a cake
Tung hung colorful lamps on the wall/ in the room
Hoa bought flowers
Nam painted a picture of Ha Noi
Nga and Lan went shopping
Ex 3:
I wish I were taller.
I wish I were in the swimming pool now.
I wish I had a computer.
I wish I live far from school (I wish I lived close to school)
I wish I had a sister.
I wish I draw badly. (I wish I drew well)
I wish I had my phone number.
I wish I knew many friends.
i) I wish there were rivers and lakes in my hometown

Preparing date: 20/10/2009
Teaching date: 21/10/2009 class 9
Tự chọn Tiếng anh 9
Period 2 practice exercises

Find the word that has the underlined letter(s) pronounced different from the others
1/ a. invite b. pick c. ticket d. kitchen
2/ a. lock b. shock c. block d. program
3/ a. bad b. sad c. day d. catch
4/ a. greet b. teeth c. deer d. knee
5/ a. sign b. high c. sit d. mind
Find the one choice that best completes the sentences
6/ I love this city ! The sights of it make a deep _____ on me.
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