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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Yến
Ngày gửi: 22h:13' 22-09-2009
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Unit 1 Page: 3
Present simple to talk about general truths.
Enough: (Not) adjective + enough + to-infinitive
Unit 2 Page: 3
Be going to
Adverbs of place
Unit3 Page: 4
Reflexive pronouns
Modals: must, have to, ought to, should, may, can, could
Unit 4 Page: 6
Past simple tense: used to
Prepositions of time: in , on, at, after, before, between
Unit 5 Page: 6
Adverbs of manner
Reported speech with “ commands, requests & advice”
Unit 6 Page: 7
Present simple with future meaning
Unit 7 Page: 8
Present perfect with “ for & since”
Comparison with
“ like, (not) as ….as, (not) the same as, different from”
Unit 8 Page: 8
Present progressive
Talk about future
Complaint with “ always”
Comparative and superlative
Unit 9 Page: 10
Purpose phrase: in order to, so as to, to
Future simple
Unit 10 Page: 11
Passive form
Adjective followed by - an infinitive
- a noun clause
Unit 11 Page: 13
Past participles and present participles
Would / Do you mind if …?
Would / Do you mind + V-ing ?
Unit 12 Page: 13
Past progressive
Past progressive with “When & While”
Unit 13 Page: 14
Compound words
Reported speech

Unit 14 Page: 15
Reported speech : “ If & Whether ”
Question words before to-infinitive
Verbs + to-infinitive
Unit15 Page: 16
Present perfect: “ Yet & Already ”
Comparison of present perfect and past simple
Unit 16 Page: 16
Sequence markers

Week 1 Teaching date:
Present simple and the structure with enough.
I .Objectives:Ss use the present simple to express general truths and understand
how to use the structure with enough.
II.The content A. Theory
T introduces the use of the present simple and give examples
- the present simple to express general truths
For example.
The earth moves around the sun.
The moon goes round the earth.
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
The bear sleeps during the winter.
Today is Monday; tomorrow is Tuesday.
Fish lives in the water.
Water consists of main elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen
Use of “enough”.
Enough is put before noun and after adjective.
For example
She hasn’t enough money to buy a new house.
There is not enough time to finish the test.
There wasn’t enough room for us to sleep
He has enough reasons to be angry.

S + V + Enough + N + To-infinitive
Enough + N + For + O + To-infinitive

The rope is not long enough.
She isn’t old enough to drive a car.
It is not old enough for her to drive a car.
I am fool enough to trust her.

S + Be + ADJ + Enough + To-infinitive
IT + Be + ADJ + Enough + For / Of + O + To-infinitive
B. Practice
I. Choose the best option:
Where...................Nien ...................?
a. do/live b. does/live c. do/ lives d. does/lives
.........................does Hoa look like?
a. what b. where c. which d. who
My brother isn’t old enough...................to school alone.
a. go b. goes c. to go d
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