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Nguồn: suu tam
Người gửi: Nguyễn Duy Linh
Ngày gửi: 13h:22' 25-04-2013
Dung lượng: 686.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 80
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Cả năm học: 37 tuần (70 tiết)
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Period 1: Review and check the test

I/ The aims: After finishing the lesson, students will be able review some structures in
class 8. Then do the test.
1.Knowledge :
a. Grammar : - Tenses of verbs.
- Adverbs of manner.
- Passive form.
b. Lexical items :
2. Skills: - Practice speaking and writing skills ….
3.Attitude : - Students work hard
II/ Teaching methods :
- Work in pairs, individual…
III / Teaching aids :
- Book, workbook, tape, cassette, ...........
IV / Procedure :

Teacher’s activities
 Students’ activities

1, Warm up:
- Who is absent today ?
- What is the date ?...
a. Check the old lesson .
Call one student goes to the board .
b. The new lesson.

2, Presentation:
* Review some structures
+ Who can repeat the present simple tense again?
+ Can you make sentences - Ask them to repeat the past simple tense .
- Repeat pronunciation of ‘’ED’’

3, Practice:
- Ask students to make sentences.
+ Can you repeat adverbs of manner ?

* Check the test:
1. Supply the correct form of the verbs.
a.My mother (buy)…..me a book last Monday.
b.She never (go)…. camping in the winter.
c. Mai and Lan (not listen)….. to music yesterday.
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
a. I have to finish this question ….. English.
b. Are you free …..Friday?
c. Minh has a letter … his uncle.
3. Change these sentences into passive form.
a. She watched TV last night.
b.I clean my house everyday.
c. Do you learn English on Monday?

Answer the questions

S1 : Write the form of present simple and give example .

- Listen to the teacher
- Some students repeat and make sentences.
- Some students repeat

- Repeat .

- Some students make sentences
S1: Adj + -ly = Adv
Slow + -ly = slowly

- Students do the test in 15 minutes.

- Listen and remember

- Write down

I. Grammar (Review)
1. The present simple tense
a.Use :
b. Form:
(+ ) S + Vs/es + O
(-) S + don’t/ doesn’t + V+ O
(?) Do/Does + S + V+ O ?
2. The past simple tense.
a. Use:
b. Form:
(+) S + V-ed/ I + O.
(-) S + didn’t + V+ O.
(?) Did + S + V + O ?
c. Pronunciation of ‘’ED’’
/t/ :sau các phụ âm: p, k, f, ss, sh, ch.
/id/: sau các phụ âm: d, t
/d/: sau các phụ âm còn lại các nguyên âm.( o,a,e ,u,i )
3. Passive form:
S + tobe + PII + ( by O )
4. Adverbs of manner :
Adj + ly = Adv of manner

II. Check the test:
*Answer key:
1. Supply the correct form of the verbs.
a. bought
b. goes
c. didn’t listen
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
a. for
b. on
c. from
3.Change these sentences into passive form.
a. TV was watched by her last night by her
b.My house is cleaned everyday by me .
c.Is English learnt on Monday by you ?

4, Consolidation:
+ Who can repeat the main contents of the lesson?
5, Homework:
- Ask them to write homework.
- Write on the board

Period 2

Unit 1 : A visit from a pen pal
Lesson 1 : Getting started & Listen and read
I/ The aims
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