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English 8 Unit 9 a first aid course

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Người gửi: Phan Minh Tan
Ngày gửi: 11h:37' 07-11-2012
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Số lượt tải: 303
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Week: P.D:
Period: T.D:
Aim: By the end the lesson, students will be able to offer a suggestion, a promis and reply; students can also write a thank-you note.
I. Objectives
- By the end the lesson, students will be able to know what they would do in the situations which require first-aid.
II. Language content:
- Grammar: past simple tense, future simple tense
- Vocabulary: first-aid, ambulance, emergency, hurt, concious, pressure, wound, promise, awake.
III. Techniques:
- Pairwork, groupwork
- Question - Answers
IV. Teaching aids:
- Gap-filling
- Cassette tape
- Real objects, pictures page 8
V. Procedures:
Classroom procedure:
Checking previous lesson:
New lesson:

1. Warm up (5’) Brainstorming
To motivate Ss before starting the new lesson.
- Asking Ss to tell about the things are often used for first-aid.
- Getting feedback

- Giving situation and having Ss to discuss and write down what they would do in these situations.
- Calling some group to give their answers.
- Getting feedback

* Presentation:
- Introducing the lesson by asking guiding questions
- Have you ever seen an accident?
- What will you do when you see injured person?
Today we are going to learn what we would do in emergency . Fisrt, I want to teach you some new words
Teaching vovabulary

- Ss listen to the tape.
@ Listen to the tape and answer:
1. Who are talking?
2. Where are they?
3. What happened?
- Getting feedback
* Practice:
- Having Ss repeat after the tape
- Asking them to practice in pairs .
- Calling some pairs to perform
- Asking Ss to read the dialogue again and select the topics covered in the dialogue.
- Getting feedback
- Asking comprehension questions

* Consolidation:
- Asking Ss to work in groups to summarize the dialogue by completing the passage

I. Getting started:
New words:
bandage (v,n) băng bó
an ice bag
alcohol / / (n) rượu, cồn
towel, handkerchief
(tiger) balm ointment: dầu cù là
medicated oil: dầu gió
* Possible answers:
- A girl has a burn on her arm – I’ll use cold water/ice to ease (làm dịu bớt) the pain.
- A boy has a bad cut on his leg – I’ll use a towel to cover the wound, hold it tight, then I’ll take him to the hospital/ clinic.
- A girl has a nose bleed – I’ll use a handkerchief to stop the bleeding, tell her to lie down, and get her an ice bag, put it on her forehead.
-a boy has a bee sting- Use medicated oil
II. Listen and read:
* New words:
- an ambulance (n)
- hurt (v) làm bị thương
(n) vết thương
- an emergency (n) trường hợp khẩn cấp
- conscious (adj) ≠ unconscious (adj)
- pressure (n) áp lực
- hold it tight: giữ chặt, buộc chặt
- to bleed (v) chảy máu, đổ máu
wound (n) vết thương (injure / / v.t. làm hại, làm tổn thương)
lane (n) hẻm, đường nhỏ
promise (v,n) hứa, lời hứa
awake (v) thức
fall –fell –fallen (v)
hit –hit –hit (v)

1. Practice in pairs:

2. Select the topics: a,b,c,e,f
. Who’s hurt? A student at QuangTrung school.
. What happened with her ? She fell off her and hit her head on the road.
. What does the nurse ask Lan to do ? try to stop the bleeding and keep her awake.
There was an emergency at Lan’s school. A student (1) …………..off her bike and hit her head on the road . She was (2)… ……… but the (3) ……………. was (4) …………. badly. Lan telephoned BachMai hospital and asked the nurse to send an (5)……………….to QuangTrung school . Lan was asked to keep the students (6)…………………while waiting for the ambulance.
(1) fell (4) bleeding
(2) conscious (5) ambulance
(3) cut (6)
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