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Unit 12-Writing

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Hồng Diệu
Ngày gửi: 10h:50' 25-04-2011
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Unit 12: The Asian Games
I. Objectives
+ Developing writing skills for students
+ Helping students know how to write a paragraph describing the preparations for Games
II. Aims
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to
+ Describing the preparations for the coming Asian Games
III. Materials: handouts, textbook
IV. Anticipated problems
Students may not have enough vocabulary to complete the task so T should be ready to help them. V. Procedure
Teacher and students’ Activities






I. Warm up: Brainstorming
-Do you think Vietnam may hold the Asian Games in the future?
-If yes. What will we do to prepare for the Games?
- Ask Ss: “What facilities do you think we need to have for the Asian Games?
- Brainstorm Ss’ ideas and copy them on the board.

Expected answers
National Stadium/ local stadium
National sport centers
Training areas
Sport building and roads to sport building
Car parks
Guest houses
II. New lesson
Unit 12: The Asian Games

Pre-teach vocabulary

- equip (v)
- widen (v)
- upgrade (v)
- recruit (v)
Checking vocabulary
Rub out and remember

Useful languages: sequence adverbs
First / Firstly / First of all,
After that,
Conjunctions: because, so, moreover
- Simple future, simple present
Need to be + pp = need + V-ing
Need + to infinitive
Have to + infinitive
→ The national stadium needs to be upgraded.
Task 1: Write the correct sentences, using the cues below.
1. We/ build/ National Stadium/ sports building/ car park.
2. National Sports Centre and local stadiums/ need/ be/ upgraded/ immediately.
3. We/ widen/ training areas and roads/ to the sports buildings/ and/ have/ equip/ hotel and guest houses/ modern facilities/ welcome/ foreign athletes/ visitor.
4. It/ necessary/ promote and advertise/ preparations/ Asian games/ radio and TV
5. We/ recruit/ volunteers/ serve the Games/ and/ they/ be/ university teachers and students with good English.
6. The/ important thing/ that/ we/ hold/ competition/ choose/ an official song/ Asian Games.
Task 2: Suppose Vietnam is going to host the coming Asian Games. Write a paragraph of 120 words to describe the preparations for the Games, using the sentences in task 1 and the following sequence adverbs: first of all, second, then, next, after that, finally.
( You may begin with:

To prepare for the coming Asian Games, we have a lot of things to do. First of all, we will build one more National Stadium......
Sample writing
To prepare for the coming Asian Games, we have a lot of things to do. First of all, we will build one more National Stadium, some sports buildings and car parks. The National sports Centre and local stadiums are not in good condition, so they need to be immediately upgraded. And we will widen the training areas and the roads to the sports buildings. Then we have to equip all the hotels and guest houses with modern facilities to welcome foreign athletes and visitors. These hotels should also have special services for disable athletes. It is necessary to promote and advertise all the preparations for the Asian Games on the radio and TV. Finally, we need to recruit volunteers to serve the Games. These people should be university teachers and students with good English. One more important thing is that we have to hold a competition to choose an official song for welcoming the Asian Games.

- Peer correction
Checklist for correction (see appendix)
III. Homework
Write the paragraph into their notebooks.

- T - Ss
- T elicits Ss, Ss answer.

- T - Ss
T introduces new lesson, Ss listen.

- T - Ss

- T elicits the new words.

- T - Ss

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