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giao an english 8 ,unit 13

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thanh Thắng
Ngày gửi: 10h:47' 02-04-2011
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English 8 Unit 13: Festivals

Lesson 3 :Read

I. Objectives :
By the end of the lesson ,Ss will be able to understand special things on Christmas festival.
II. Language contents :
Vocabulary: decorate , custom, spread, throughout, greeting, carol, unsuitable, popular , professor, base on.
Structure: passive voice, report speech.
III. Techniques:
Reading comprehension
IV. Teaching aids:
Textbook, tape ,cassette player.
V. Procedures :
Contents and activities
Drawing experiences

Warm -up
T: ask the Ss
When is Christmas ?
How do you prepare on Christmas ?

Christmas tree Christmas carol

Santa Claus card

I. New words
-T: teaches new words
Christmas card (n):(visual)
Christmas Carols (n):(explanation)
Santa Claus (n) :(explanation)
Patron saint (n) :(translation)
jolly = cheerful (ad) :(explanation)
professor (n):(explanation)
spread through: (translation)
T: explains grammar
Passive form:

Ex: Christmas songs were performed for people in twin
Report speech
They said the song were unsuitable
Ask Ss to look at the picture and answer
-T: asks Ss to look at the picture and answer the questions
Do you celebrate Christmas?
What do you often do at Christmas?
What do you know about Christmas?
- T: Introduces some new words
- T: asks Ss to listen and practice

While –read

Task 1
-T: asks Ss to read the passage silently in 5’ to get mean ideals
-Ss: read silently
-T: asks Ss to make group to complete the table
-Ss: make group


Mid-19th century

Christmas carols


-T: asks Ss to read the passage again to answer the questions(work group)
-Ss: read again and answer the questions
a)The Christmas tree came to the USA 206 years ago
b)He wanted to send Christmas greetings to his friend
c)Christmas songs were first perform 800 years ago
d)Clement Clark Moore wrote the poem
e)Santa Clause is base on the description of Stain Nicolas

T: asks Ss some questions
a)What do you often on Christmas day?
b)Where was Christmas tree first appeared?
-Ss answer the questions

- Read, answer questions, translate the text
- Do exercise 1 p76 in work book

English 8
Unit 13: Festivals
Lesson 2: Speak and Listen
I. Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know more about some traditional festivals in the world. And compare how they prepare for the festivals/ holidays.
II. Language contents :
1.Vocabulary : Pomegranate , Peach blossoms, Marigolds , Dried water melon seeds , Spring rolls
2.Structure :Simple present , near future .
III. Techniques: communicate approach, 4 skills.
II/ Teaching aids: Books and notebooks, cardboards, posters.
IV/ Procedures:
Contents and activities
Drawing experiences

I. Warm up

* Find things in common
T: asks students to say 5 things they often prepare for Tet and write them down on a piece of paper.
- T: divides class into 2 groups
- Ss:choose one student randomly in one group, and ask him/ her to call out his/ her words while students in the other group check if there are any same words.
Suggestions :
- Decorate/ clean / paint the house/room/ the yard,…
- Buy cakes / candy / drinks/ food/ fruits,…
- Cook/ make cakes,..
- Get / buy new dress,…
- Write / send New Year cards to friends, relatives

II. Pre- speak and listen
Pre-teach vocabulary

I. New words:
- T:elicits the vocabulary from Ss
Pomegranate (n): quả lựu (picture )
Peach blossoms (n) : hoa đào (picture)
Marigolds (n): hoa cúc (picture )
Melon seeds (n): hạt dưa (explanation )
Spring rolls (n): chả giò (

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