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unit 10 lop 8

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Nguồn: Thiết kế bài giảng tiếng Anh lop 8
Người gửi: Nguyễn Ngọc Ngoan
Ngày gửi: 10h:11' 05-01-2011
Dung lượng: 115.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 321
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Week:… The date of preparing:…./…./2009
Period:… The teaching:…/…./2009

I. Aim
Helping Ss:
To give and respond to instructions.
to talk about feelings.
to write a set of instructions .
II. Language focus
Passive forms
Adjectives followed by: - an infinitive
- a noun clause
Present simple
Future simple
III. Vocabulary:
Verbs Nouns
(to) decompose natural resource
(to) recycle compost
(to) reduce deposit
(to) refill fabric
(to) reuse fertilizer
(to) protect glassware
(to) contact metal

Lesson 1
Getting started
Listen and read 1,2
Reading a dialogue for details about how to protect the environment and save natural resources.

Lesson 2
Practice in giving and responding to instructions.
Listening for specific information about making compost.

Lesson 3
Read 1,2
Language Focus 1,2
Reading for details about how things are recycled.
Passive form in Present Simple and Future Simple.

Lesson 4
Write 1,2
Wsrite a set of instructions on how to recycle used things.

Lesson 5
Language Focus 3,4
Adjective followed by - an infinitive
- a noun clause

Week:… The date of preparing:…./…./2009
Period:… The teaching:…/…./2009

Lesson 1:
Section: - Getting started (page 89)
- Listen and read 1,2 (page 90)
I. Aim
Writing a thanhk-you note.
II. Objective
By the end of the lesson, Ss know how to write a thanhk-you note.
III. Teaching aids:
Poster, drawing.
- Draw the circle with an example on the board.

- Ask Ss to think of ways to reduce the amount of garbage they produce.
- Diliver posters to Ss, dividing them into 4 groups.
- Tell Ss to put the posters on the board after they finish and the team having the most good ideas in the winner.
- Give feedback.
Possiple answers:
Use cloth bags, use tree leaves to wrap thing, make garbage in to fertilizer, make vagetable matter into animal food.
I. Pre-teach Vocabulary
- Elicit words form Ss.
1. (a) representative (translation)
2. (a) protect (to keep so/ sth safe from danger)
((to) protect (so/ sth) from (so/sth)
3. natural resource(s) (translation/explanation)
(coal mines, oil/gold/mineral deposits are…)
4. (to) recycle (to make something already used able to be used again)
5. (to) contact (translation/ definition)
(to communicate with someone by telephone or letter…)
- Have Ss copy.
Checking technique: Jumbled words
- Stick 6 flashcards with jumbled words on the board.
1 2 3

4 5 6

- Ask Ss to rewrite the words in the right order.
- Tell Ss the first two groups with the right words will get 2 points.
- Correct.
* Answer key: (in book)
II. True/False Predictions
- Ask Ss to listen to the situation.
- Set the scene:
A representative from Friends of the Earth, Miss Blacke, is talking to the Ss of Quang Trung School. Friends of the Earth shows people how to protect the environment and save natural resources.
- Put the chart with the statements on the board.
- Ask Ss to work in pairs to dicide if the statements are true or false.
- write the Ss’guesses on the board. (only one guess for each statement).
True or false?
1. Friends of the Earth is an orgazination to help people make friends with each other.
2. Miss Blacke asks the Ss to remember 3 things: reduce, reuse, recycle.
3. Reduce means buying the products which are overpacked.
4. We cannot reuse things like envelopes, glass, plastic bottles, old plastic bags at all.
5. Miss Blake says that we should use cloth bags and shouldn’t use plastic bags at all.
6. Recycling means not just throwing things away but trying and finding another use for them.
- Ask Ss to open their books

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