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Unit 9 lop 8

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Nguồn: tu soan
Người gửi: Nguyễn Ngọc Ngoan
Ngày gửi: 14h:01' 04-01-2011
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Số lượt tải: 195
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Week:… The date of preparing:…./…./2009
Period:… The teaching:…/…./2009

I. Aim
Helping Ss:
with the knowledge of the situations which require first-aid.
to make and respond to offers, promises and requests.
to write a thank-you note .
II. Language focus
in order to, so as to
Making requests, offers and requests using modal “will”
Futher simple with “will/shall”.
III. Vocabulary:
Vebs Nouns Adjectives
(to) bleed bite ambulance concious
(to) elevate burn parademic sterile
(to) minimize crutch wheelchair
(to) lie flat emergency tissue damage
(to) lower eye chart
(to) overheat fainting
(to) ease injection
IV. Unit Allocation:

Lesson 1
Listen and read 1,2
Reading a dialogue for details about the situations which require first-aid.

Lesson 2
Language Focus 2,3,4
Practice in making and responding to offers, promises and requests .
Futher simple with “will/shall”

Lesson 3

Listening for specific information about what is happening at a hospital.

Lesson 4
Language Focus 1
Reading for instructions about the situations which require first-aid.
Using “in order to/ so as to” to express purposes.

Lesson 5
Write 1,2,3
Writing a thank-you note.

Week:… The date of preparing:…./…./2009
Period:… The teaching:…/…./2009

Lesson 1
Section: - Getting started (page 80)
- Listen and read 1,2 (page 80, 81)

I. Aim
Reading for details about the situations which require first-aid.
II. Objective
By the end of the lesson, students can know what they would do in the situations which require first-aid .
III. Teaching aids:
Picture on page 80, cassette, gap fill chart, drawing.
Kim’s game
- Ask Ss to open their books and look at the things on page 80 (for 20’’). Tell them these things are often used for first-aid.
- Divide the class into two groups.
- Ask Ss to close their books and go to the board to write the names of the things they’ve just seen from memory. (either in English or Vietnamese)
- Tell them the group having the most right Englis words is the winner.
- Have Ss open the books again and go through the words in English.
* Answer Key: (in book)
- Ask Ss to discuss and write down what they would do in these situations which require first-aid.
- Call on some groups to give their answers and correct.
* Possible answers: (in book)
I. Pre teach vocabulary
1. (an) ambulance (draw an ambulance)
2. (an) emergency (T; When do you need an ambulance?)
S: When there is an emergency
3. unconcius (adj) ≠ concius ( What’s “bat tinh” in English?)
4. (to) bleed the bleeding
( when you have a cut, the cut will…(bleed)…?
- Have Ss copy the vocabulary in their notebooks.
Checking technique: Slap the board
- Put the new words (in Vietnamese or drawing) all over the board-not in a list.
- Call on 2 Ss or 2 teams (4 or 5 Ss for each) in both sides to the front of the class standing at equal distance from the blackboard.
- Call out one of the new words (in English) in a loud voice.
- Two Ss must run forward and slap the word, the ss who slaps the correct word first is the winner and gets a mark.
- Go on with the next two Ss…

II. Gap fill Prediction
- Hang the chart with the paragraph on the board.
“ There was an emergency at Lan’s school. A Ss..(1)..off her bike and hit her head on the road. She was..(2)..but she cut her head and the..(3)..was..(4)..badly. Lan telephoned Bach Mai Hospital and asked the nurse to send an..(5)..to Quang Trung school. Lan was asked to
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