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Anh 8. Unit 9

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Người gửi: Vũ Thị Tuyến
Ngày gửi: 21h:25' 01-01-2011
Dung lượng: 114.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 181
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Date of planning: 1/1/2011
Date of teaching: 4/1/2011
Unit 9 : a first - aid course
Period 55: Lesson 1 : Getting started + Listen and read
+ Language focus 2

A. The aims and objectives :
1. The aims: Practice listening and speaking skill,reporting an accident.
2. The objectices: By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know what they would do in
the situations which require first - aid.
3. Teaching point: -T helps sts to know how to report accident and call for an ambulance B.Preparation
-Teacher prepares lesson plan,cassetle,CD,poster
-Sts prepare textbook,notebook.
C. Procedures
1.Organization (1`): -Goodmorning! How are you?
-Who is absent today?
2.Checking-up (No) :
3.New lesson:
T’s activities
SS’ activities

I- Pre -teach vocab
-emergency :/:/: xe cấp cứu
-conscious(adj): tỉnh táo
-(to) bleed/bli:d/ chảy máu
-wound(n )/wu:nd/: vết thương
-pressure(n): ép, cột chặt
-ambulance(n)//:xe cứu thương
-burn (n): vết bỏng
*Check vocabs: Bingo
II. Getting started
1. Give ss some situations and the first- aid sentences on poster and ask ss to match.
1.have a burn a. ice / cold water
2.have a nose bleed b. alcohol
3. have a bad cut c. bandage
4. have a bee sting d. medica oil
III. Listen and Read.
- You’re going to read a D about an accident. Ask ss some questions:
+ Have you ever seen accident ?
+ When / where did you see it ?
What did you do?
- Ask ss to listen and read the D between Nurse and Lan.
2. Do ex 2: Select the topics covered in the D.
Key: a,b,c,e,f
3. Revision : The future simple tense
Eg: The ambulance will be there in ten minutes.
I’ll keep her awake
Form : S + will/shall + V(BI) + O
*Shall: thường dùng cho ngôi thứ nhất: I,We
Will : dùng cho các ngôi còn lại
-> Tuy nhiên ngày nay Will dùng cho tất cả các ngôi.
Use: Thì TLĐ dùng để diễn tả sự tiên đoán, hay sự kiện có thể sảy ra trong tương lai ( không chắc chắn).
Eg: He will come and stey with us next month.
IV. language focus 2.
Complete the D between Ba and Mrs Nga. Use the correct form or word.
Key: 1.’ll 2. will 3. won’t
4. Shall 5.’ll 6.’ll

- T elicits and models vocabs
- Sts listen and repeat chorally and individually
- T writes records and checks sts`understanding
-Sts copy vocabs

- Read the situation and match with the things.

-T sets the sence and asks sts think of the answer of the question

-T asks sts to read the dialogue and choose topics related the dialogue

- Read the example

- Give the form

- Copy down

-Ask sts to do Ex 2(P.86)

 4. Consolidation (2’):
- Retell the main point of the lesson
5. Homework (2’):
- Do ex 7 (P58)
- Learn by heart the new words.

Date of planning: 1/ 1/2011
Date of teaching: 5/ 1/2011
Unit 9 : a first - aid course
Period 56: Lesson 2 : Speak + Language focus 3,4

A. The aims and objectives :
1. The aims: -To develop sts speaking and writing skills
2. The objectives: By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to make and respond to
requests , offers , and promises .
3. Teaching point: - help ss to know how to make requests,offers,promises & response
B. Preparation
-Teacher: prepares lesson plan,poster
-Sts: prepare textbook,notebook.
1.Organization (1`):
-Good morning! How are you?
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