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Người gửi: Bùi Thị Nguyệt
Ngày gửi: 19h:25' 19-01-2010
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Date of preparing: 16. 08. 2009
Date of teaching: 21. 08. 2009
WEEK 1st

I. Review the form of the present simple tense.
S + V (s/es)
Ex1: I go to school by bike.
Ex2: Lan gets up at six every day.
Ex3: My mother washes the clothes in the evening.

II. Review the form of the present progressive tense
S + am/ is/ are + Ving
Ex1: I am doing my homework now.
Ex2: Lan is reading a book at present.
Ex3: They are playing soccer at the moment.

III. Review the form of the simple future tense.
S + Will + infinitive
Ex1: Lan will have an exam next month.
Ex2: They will move to Hanoi next summer.

I. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets
1. He (be) is a good student.
2. Nam (go) goes to school by bike.
3. They (play) are laying soccer now.
4. Mai (take) will take an exam next week.
5. We (have)have Math on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
6. Hai (visit) will visit his Uncle next week
7. My father (work) works in a factory.
8. Nam (have) has breakfast at 6.30 everyday.
9. Mai (go) will go camping with her friends next week.
10. What (be) is this? _ It (be) is a table.
11. What will you ( do ) do tomorrow?
8. How old (be) willyou be on your next birthday? – I (be) 12.
9. What is she (do) doing at present? – She is doing her homework.
10. Mai (get) gets up at 5.00.

Date of preparing: 22. 08. 2009
Date of teaching: 28. 08. 2009
WEEK 2nd


I. Make questions with the underlined words.
1. Mrs Hoa works in a hospital.
(where does Mrs Hoa work ?
2. Nam is listening to music.
( What is Nam doing now?
3. They are in grade 6.
( Which grade are they in?
4. Mai gets up at 6.00.
( What time does Mai get up?
5.I will go to school at 6.15 tomorrow.
( What time will you go to school tomorrow ?
6. We go to school by bus.
( How do you go to school ?
7. My birthday is on September 5th.
( When is your birthday ?
8. Hung lives at 10 Nguyen Van Cu Street.
( Where does hung live?
9. It’s bout 2 km from here to the bank.
( How far is it from here to the bank ?
10. He is watching TV at present.
( What is he doing at present ?
II. Use the words given to make meaningful sentences.
1. I /14/ my next birthday.
2. Nam/ read/ book/ now.
3. We/ sometimes/go/ swimming.
4. Ba/ write// letter/his grandmother/ tomorrow.
5. They/ play/ soccer/ moment.
6. The students/ class 7C / be/ good.
7. How old/ you/ be/ next birthday?
8. My mother/ usually/ go/ work/ by bus.
III.Write a short paragraph about yourself (name/ address/birthday/ distance/ means of transport)

Date of preparing: 28. 09. 2009
Date of teaching: 11. 09. 2009
WEEK 3rd
I. Review the form of exclamatory sentences.
Form: What + (a/ an ) + Adj + N !
Note: What + (a/ an ) + Adj + N + S + V !
Ex: What a beautiful girl !
How + Adj + S + linking verbs ! ( to be, to become, to feel…)
Ex: How beautiful she is !
How + Adv + S + V !
Ex: How fast he runs !
II. Write exclamatory sentences.
She is a pretty girl. ( What a pretty girl ! / How pretty girl is !
He is a handsome boy. ( What a handsome boy !
They are good students. ( What good students !
It’s a delicious dinner. ( What a delicious dinner !
These are expensive shirts. ( What expensive shirts
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