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Người gửi: Giang Lương Hùng (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 00h:11' 20-10-2008
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Số lượt tải: 853
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A. Objectives:
1. Educational aim:
- Students read and guess the meaning of words in contexts.
- They read and answer questions about the texts.
- They practice scanning for specific information in the texts.
2. Knowledge:
- General knowledge: The changes brought about by the economic reforms.
- Language: Common knowledge of education, healthcare, agriculture,…
- New words: Words related to the topic (economic, medical and agricultural terms).
3. Skills:
- Guessing meaning in context, scanning for specific information and passage comprehension.

B. Method:
- Integrated, mainly communicative.

C. Teaching aids:
- Picture, board, chalks, textbook, handouts,…

D. Procedure:

Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities

Aims: to introduce the topic of the lesson and to raise students` interest.
- Ask Ss to work in groups of four to compare :
+ The differences between schools (hospitals, houses) now and the past ten years.
+ How do farmers transport their farming products now and how did they do ten years ago?
+ What make all of these changes?

Before you read : (7 minutes)
- Ask students (to work in pairs) to open their books, look at the pictures, and do the tasks that follow.
+ What can you see..?
+ Do you think…?
+ What, in your opinion, should…?
- Ask them to work in 3 minutes, meanwhile the teacher moves round to help if necessary.
- Ask some pairs to report .
- Give some remark if necessary
While you read : (23 minutes)
- Ask students to look through the passage and read in silence
- Help students read the passage
- Explain pronunciation and meaning of new words which appear in the passage
Task 1 : (3 minutes)
- Ask students to read through the text once to find out some new words, guess the main idea.
- Explain new words (give the Vietnamese equivalents), guide the sts to get the main contents of the reading text.
- Ask students to work individually in 5 minutes to do this task.
- Guide students to read through the passage , then focus on only the sentences surrounding the suggested words to do the task effectively.
- Give students some more words that may be new/ unfamiliar to them.
- Guide the students to read the word in chorus and individually.

Task 2: (4 minutes)
- Ask students to read the passage again and choose whether the statements given are true (T) or false (F).
- Ask them to work individually to do the task and give the evidence to prove the keys.
- Move round to make sure that all students are working and to help them if necessary.
- Ask some students to report and give feedback.

Task 3: (6 minutes)
- Ask students to read the passage again then work in pairs to ask and answer the suggested questions.
- Walk round the class to give help if necessary.

- Give suggested words, phrases or useful suggestions.

- Correct the students’ work.

After you read : (8 minutes)
- Ask students to work in group to scan the text again.
- Ask them to work in small groups of three or four to talk about the text based on the suggested points.
- Encourage them to use their own words.
- Ask one or two pairs to report.

Home work: (2 minutes)
- Write a passage to say what changes you’ve seen in your village since the year 1986. compare to the past.

now: beautiful buildings, good facilities,..
past: ….

now: tractors, motorbikes, …
past: human’s force or animal’s force.

- the development of economic.

Things seen: a village, farmers, a buffalo, some huts,…
A poor village, of course the farmers lead a poor life.
Build a new road, change the cultivation methods, …

- Listen to the teacher then read the passages
- Ask some new words if necessary

- Read through the text find the new words, try to guess the meanings of those words in contexts:
+ National Congresses: §¹i héi toµn quèc
+ renovation (n): ®æi míi
+ under-developed (pp):¸chËm ph¸t triÓn
+ inflation (
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