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Giao an let's go 2A - 2B

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Người gửi: Lê Thiên Tử
Ngày gửi: 18h:09' 29-09-2009
Dung lượng: 1.2 MB
Số lượt tải: 1921
Số lượt thích: 0 người

(Let’s Talk. & Let’s Sing.)
Duration: 45 minutes
♣ Aim: Saying hello and good-bye.
♣ Vocabulary: alligator
♣ Sentence patterns: How about you?
I’m OK.
Pretty good!
See you later!
♣ Materials: Puppets; CD1; some colors for reviewing the dialogue; some color cards.



Step 1 Warming-up
( 2 minutes )
* Greetings
- Good evening class!
- How are you today?
- I’m fine, thanks.
* Let’s sing the song “Hello Teacher”
- Sit down, please!
- How’s the weather today?
- What’s the date today?
* Write the date on the board.
* Reply
- Good evening teacher!
- I’m fine. Thank you. And you?

* Sing the song.
- Thank you, teacher.
* Answer the weather.
* Answer the date.
* Copy down.

Step 2 Reviewing previous lesson
( 5 minutes )
* Review the dialogue:
What’s your favorite color?
Red. What about you?
I like blue.
* Ask some groups of 2 to stand in front of the class and model the dialogue.
* Talking: Sts walk around the class, ask and answer about their favorite colors.
* Review the dialogue.

* Model the dialogue.

* Free talking.

Step 3 Presenting the new lesson (15 minutes)
* Use puppets (P) and some volunteers to introduce the dialogue:
PA: Hi, Scott. How are you?
PB: I’m OK thanks. How about you?
PA: Pretty good!
PA & some volunteers: Good-bye, Scott!
PB: See you later!
* Do the same 3 times to help Sts understand well.

* Have Sts repeat it several times (whole class, groups).
* Have Sts open their books. Then have them look at page. 2 and describe what they see.
* Write the dialogue on the board.

* Play CD1 track 2, 3. Have Sts listen and repeat.
* Write the explanation of the contraction:
I am = I’m
* Teacher (T) invites some volunteer groups to perform the dialogue in the front. If they perform right, encourage them. If they perform wrong, correct them.

* Listen to the dialogue carefully.

* Repeat the dialogue.

* Do as directed.

* Listen and repeat.

* Copy down.

* Perform the dialogue.

Step 4 Reinforcement
(20 minutes)
* Have Sts work in pairs by chaining drill: St 1 asks and St 2 answers. Then St 2 asks and St 3 answers… (Sts practice the conversation using their own names.
* Have Sts work in groups by finding their group: T gives each St a color card and they have to find their group when they walk around, then practice the dialogue (Sts use their own names, too).
* Let’s learn the song “The Hello and Good-bye Song”.
- Introduce the word “alligator”. Have Sts repeat after the teacher several times.
- Play CD1 track 4 and have Sts listen to the song twice.
- Play CD1 track 4 again and have Sts clap to keep the beat and sing the song line by line then the whole song.
- After that have half of the class sing the 1st part and the rest sing the 2nd part with gestures without music.
- Have some volunteer groups sing the song then individual (Sts sit in groups and substitute the song with their different own names).

* Work in pairs.

* Work in groups.

* Learn the song.
- Listen and repeat.

- Listen to the song.
- Sing the song.

- Practice the song.

Step 5 Homework (3 minutes)
* Write homework on the board and explain each part to Sts and have them do exercises at home (page 2 part A & B).
- Do you have any question?
* Have Sts sing the song “Good-bye Teacher”
* Good-bye children!
* See you next time.

* Copy down and listen carefully.

* Sing the song.
* Good-bye teacher!
* See you next time.

Pronunciation tip:
/Thanks/ Sts have to bit their tongues lightly.
How are you? (1st speaker) and How about you? / And you? (2nd speaker).
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