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Unit 12. Music

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Người gửi: Đàm Thị Hương
Ngày gửi: 20h:01' 19-04-2017
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The 77th period
Date : 16/02/2016
Grade 10
Theme: Music
Unit 12
C- Listening
Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:
1. General knowledge:
- Sts know more about Van Cao and his music.
2. Language: - Vocabulary on music.
3. Skills: - Listening: choose True/ False statements and answer questions.
- Speaking: discuss the one`s ideas about Van Cao`s music.
II. Anticipated problems:
- Some sts rarely listen to Van Cao`s songs.
III. Teaching aids:
- Tape, cassette player, textbook, chalk, board.
IV. Procedures:
1. Organisation:
Date of teaching



2. New lesson:

Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities

1. Warm up:(7 mins) GAME:
- I give some information you can guess.
1. He was born on November 15, 1923 in Nam Dinh.
2. His first song was writen in 1939.
3. He wrote Tiến Quân Ca ( National Anthem) in 1944.
4. He died on July 10, 1995
- ask students to listen some songs and anwer the question:
Which of these songs were writen by Van Cao?
v 1. Suoi mo
v 2. Tien Quan Ca 3. Ha noi mua thu
4. Tinh Ca
v 5. Truong ca song lo
v 6. Lang toi
Ha noi mua thu was writen by Vu Thanh.
Tinh Ca was writen by Hoang Viet.

One st presents. Others listen and give remark

Some sts stand up and give their answer.
- Suoi Mo - Tien Quan Ca
- Lang toi - Truong Ca Song Lo

- Copy down the words and phrases into their notebooks.

2. Before you listen:(12 mins)
Aims: focus sts on the topic and review/ introduce the words and phrases used in the listening text.
New words:
- sweet(a: ngọt ngào
- gentle(a): nhẹ nhàng
- rousing(a): hào hứng
- exciting(a):thú vị
- boring(a):buồn chán
- lirical(a):trữ tình
- solemn(a):trang nghiêm
- Which of the words above can you use to describe Van Cao’s music?
sweet, gentle, lirical, solemn

- Read the words and ask sts to repeat.
- Ask sts to read the words in pairs.
- Ask some sts to read the words again.
3. While you listen:( 17 mins)
+ Task 1:Practise listening and marking True/ False statements.
- Tell sts that they are going to listen to a conversation between Lan Huong and Quang Hung about Quang Hung`s opinion towards Van Cao`s music.
- Ask sts to work in pairs, look at the statements given and guess if they are true or false.
- Ask sts to listen to the talk and tick the right column to indicate their answer and underline the false information. T plays the tape twice.
- Ask sts to compare their answer in pairs.

- Check sts’ answer.
- Play the tape once again, stop the tape where necessary and conduct the correction.

+ Task 2: Listen again and choose the correct answers: - Ask sts to read the questions in pairs and make sure they understand the questions and know what information they need to answer the questions.
- Ask sts to listen to the tape once/twice and take short notes to answer the questions.
- Ask sts to compare their answer in pairs.
- Play the tape once again, stop the tape where necessary and conduct the correction.

1. What is the name of the radio programme?
(A. It’s “My Favourite Musician”.
B. It’s “My favous Musician”.
C. It’s “ My Favourite singer”.
D. It’s “My favous singer”.
2. Which song by Van Cao does Quang Hung like most?
(A. Tien Quan Ca B. Lang toi
C. Suoi mo D. Truong ca Song Lo
3. Why does Quang Hung like it?
( Because it’s...................
A. Gentle B. mournful
C. solemn D. sweet
4. Does Quang Hung like other songs?
A. No, just Tien Quan Ca
B. No, He doesn`t
C. yes, some of them
D. Yes, lot of them

4. After you listen:(8 mins)
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