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Unit 1. Family Life. Lesson 2. Language

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Người gửi: Trần Văn Hùng (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 21h:05' 08-08-2018
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Số lượt tải: 177
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Date of planning: 06/8/2018
Date of teaching: 08/8/2018
Teacher : Tran Nhat Ngan Ha
Class : 10A2

1. Language focus: - To provide learners some language items in Unit 1
- For vocabulary, that is words and phrases related to household chores and duties
- For pronunciation, that is how to pronounce /tr/, /kr/, /br/
- For grammar: the distinction between the present simple and the present continuous
2. Skills: - To promote Ss to develop the skill of working in pairs and groups
3. Attitudes: - To encourage Ss to work harder - To provide Ss some motivation
1. Teacher: - Teaching aids: board, chalk, laptop, speaker, TV, etc
- Teaching method: Communicative language teaching
2. Students: - Read through English Unit 1 - language at home

WARM-UP: (7ms)
Game: Guessing Word
-Explain the rules of game. Then make a model.
Rules: - The class will be divided into two teams.
- Each team will choose one representative in front of the class, the teacher will give the vocabulary and the team members have to explain to the representative to guess the word.
- Each team will raise their hands to explain and each turn is suggested 3 sentences. 1 minute for 1 word.
- If the representative can say the word correctly, that team will get 1 mark.
Lead in: “Well, about our lesson today, we will continue Unit 1: Family Life. You open your book page 8- Language. We have three parts in the lesson. First part is Vocabulary, second we learn Pronunciation and the last is Grammar”.

- Choose one representative.
- Raise their hands to explain and each turn is suggested 3 sentences.

1. chores 5. heavy lifting
2. rubbish 6. washing-up
3. laundry 7. household finances
4. groceries hg8. homemaker

Activity 1. Matching the words and phrases with their meaning below. Work in pairs.
-Ask Ss to read the instruction of activity 1.
-Explain the activity.
-Ask Ss to do the tasks and compare the results with their partner.
-Check the answer and give feedbacks.

- Read the the instruction.

1. f 2. e 3. a 4. h
5. b 6. g 7. d 8. c

Activity 2. List all the household chores that are mentioned in the conversation. Then add more chores to the list. Work in groups.
-Ask Ss to read the instruction of activity 2. Explain the activity.
-Ask Ss to work in groups and write on a paper. Read the conversation again and do the task. Then exchange the papers to check.
-Elicit more chores to add to the list.
-Check the answer and give feedbacks.

- prepare dinner - cook (do the cooking)
- shop - clean the house
- take out the rubbish - do the laundry
- do the washing up - do the heavy lifting
- be responsible for the household chores
- mop/sweep/tidy up the house
- bathe the baby - feed the baby - water the house plants
- feed the cat and dog
- iron/fold/put away the clothes
- lay the table for meals - mow the lawn

Activity 3. Work in pairs. Discuss the questions below.
-Let Ss work in pairs or to ask and answer the questions.
-Check the answer and give feedbacks.

1. What household chores you usually do?
Ex: I usually do the washing-up and do the laundry etc.
2. How do you divide household duties in your family?
Ex: My mother cooks and shops for groceries, my father does the heavy lifting , my sister cleans the house and I do the washing-up and do the laundry.

Activity 1. Listen and repeat
-Play the recording and let Ss listen
-Play it again with pauses for them to repeat each word.
-Invite some students to read the words.

-Do as appointed
/tr/ trash
/kr/ crane, crack
/br/ brush

Activity 2. Listen to the sentences and circle the word you hear.
-Ask Ss to read the word in rows paying attention to the difference between the sound clusters.
-Play the recording and let Ss listen to the sentences and circle the word they hear
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