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Phrases and clauses of concession

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Người gửi: Đặng Hồng Liên (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 15h:23' 27-10-2008
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I. Complete the sentences with although/ in spite of/ because/ because of
1. rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
2. I couldn’t get to sleep ......................the noise.
3. ..................... I had an apple for lunch, I ate dinner early.
4. A lot of things went wrong ......................all our careful plans.
5. She wasn’t wearing a coat was quite cold
6. He only accepted the job.......................the salary, which was very high.
7. I went home early ................................. I was tired.
8. ............................. I knew the truth, I decided not to tell them.
9. Sarah can’t climb up the tree ........................ her fear of heights
10. We decided not to go out for a meal ...............................we had no money.
II. Rewrite the following sentences using the words provided without changing the meaning.
1. It rained alot but we enjoyed our holiday. (although)

2. Though we had planned carefully, alot of things went wrong. (in spite of)

3. I managed to sleep despite the fact that there was alot of noise. (although)

4. I couldn’t sleep well although I was very tired. (despite)

5. They have very little money but they are very happy. (in spite of )

6. Inspite of the silly story, I enjoyed the film.(although)

7. I was feeling well but I went home early. (though)

8. I could get to sleep although it was noisy. (despite)

9. He has a very important job, but he isn’t particularly well-paid. (although)

10. Although the trafic was bad, I arrived on time. (despite)

11. We went out inspite of the rain. (Although)

12. Although I had all the necessary qualifications, I didn’t get the job. (In spite of)

13. We live in the same street but we hardly ever see each other. (despite)

14. I had an umbrella but I got very wet in the rain. (Even though)

15. Although my foot was injured, I managed to walk to the nearest village. (in spite of)

16. She wasn’t wearing a coat although it was quite cold. (despite)

17. Although I didn’t speak the language, I managed to make myself understand.(in spite of)

18. I didn’t recognise her although I’d met her twice before. (despite)

19. Although I had never seen her before, I recognized her from a photograph. (in spite of)

20. He took many pictures though the sky was cloudy. (despite)

21.Despite heavy rain , they went out. (although)

22. Although he overslept, Clive wasn’t late for work.(despite)

23. Despite knowing the area well, I got lost.(although)

24. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job. (in spite of)

25. Despite his age, Mr Brown tried to run every morning. (although )

26. He ate the chocolate even though he was on a diet. (in spite of)

27. Nancy told the secret though she had promised not to do so. (in spite of)

28. Even though she had a poor memory, the old woman told interesting stories to the children. (despite)

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