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Unit 4. My neighbourhood. Lesson 5. Skills 1

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Người gửi: Diệp Anh Phạm
Ngày gửi: 16h:48' 22-10-2019
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Week/Period 10/30
Date: 17/10/2014

Part: Skills 1

1. Objectives: -By the end of the lesson, students will be able to read for specific and general information about good things and bad things in a neighborhood.
Language contents:
- Grammar: The simple present, Comparative adjectives.
- Vocabulary: the lexical items related to the topic “My neighbourhood”.
3. Techniques: Group-work, Listen and answer, Chatting, Gap filling, Individual , Pair work
4. Teaching aids: -Textbook , extra board , pictures, CD player, flash cards.
5. Time: Allotted 45 minutes
6. Procedures:

Teacher’s Activities
Ss’ Activities


- Ask Ss to look at the picture of Khang’s neighborhood. And ask them some questions.

- T-Whole class

- Listen and answer
+ Brainstorm:
- What do you know about Khang’s neighborhood?
+New lesson: SKILLS 1
+ Pre reading
Where do you think Khang’s neighborhood is?
What do you think about it?
Do you like living there? Why? Why not?


- Ask Ss to scan the passage to find where the words suburbs, backyard… are in the passage.
- Ask Ss to note where they found the information that help them to answer the questions.
- Have Ss compare their answers in pairs.

- Individual work

- Pair - work

+ While reading
1. Find these words in Khang’s blog. What do they mean?

2. Read Khang’s blog. Then answer the questions.
It is in the suburbs of Da Nang City.
Because it has beautiful parks and sandy beaches and fine weather.
They are very friendly.
Because there’re many modern buildings and offices in the city.

- Ask Ss to scan the passage again and find the information to complete the table.

- Ask Ss to note where they found the information that help them to answer the questions.
- Have ss compare their answers in pairs.

- Ask a question:
- Can you tell me the way to your house?

- Remind Ss of expressions they can use to give directions.
- Model this activity with a more able St and then have Ss work in pairs.
- Call some pairs to talk before the whole class, then invite some comments from other Ss.

- Individual work

- Pair – work

- Listen and answer.

- Pair – work
+ Post - reading
3. Read Khang’s blog again and fill in the table with the information.
- It’s great for outdoor activities.
- There’s almost everything here
- The food is very good.
- People are incredibly friendly.
- the street are busy, crowded, and noisy during the day.

+ Pre – speaking:
- Listen and answer a question:

+ While – speaking:
4. In pairs, ask and answer questions about how to get to the places on the map.
(page 44)


- Note some common errors and discuss them with the whole class.
- Select some pairs to act out their dialogue in front of the class.
- Give feedback
- Give comments on strengths and correct a few errors in the target language.

- Pair -work

+ Post - speaking

5. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the question about the way to get to the places in your town, village/ near your school.

- Give and guide how to do the homework
- Listen and copy down.
- Prepare the next lesson:
(Skills 2)

+ Remark:
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