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Unit 12. Music

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Thảo
Ngày gửi: 16h:45' 16-04-2019
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Số lượt tải: 3
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Unit: 12
Text: English 10
Grade: grade 10
Time: 45 minutes
Reading point: music
Objective: At the end of the lesson, learners are able to:
- improve reading skills
- enrich their vocabularies of music topic
- understand about the role of music in our life
Preparation: chalk, board, textbook, audio files

5 minutes

I. Warm-up activity: guessing the song names
- Teacher prepares 5 short song beat audio (nhạc không lời). the song are:
+ I’m your
+ Beautiful in white
+ What are words
+ I’m not her
+ Something just like it
- divide class into 3 groups.
- Ask learners to listen the audio and which team rises hand earliest will answer. If it’s right, get a point.
- Which group has more correct answers will be winner.
Teacher says:
Today, we will learn some kind of music and how important music plays role in our life. We start our lesson today unit 12: Music, part A: Reading
audio files, speaker

17 minutes
II. Pre - reading
1. Matching (10 minutes)

2. Teaching vocabularies
(7 minutes)

- give the Vietnamese equivalents of the types of music and ask Students to repeat
1. Fork music: nhạc dân ca.
2. Rock ‘n’ roll: nhạc rock ‘n’ roll.
3. Pop music: nhạc pop.
4. Classical music: nhạc cổ điển,
5. Jazz: nhạc Jazz.
Ask Ss to work in pairs to match each of the descriptions to a type of music on page 124 in the text book.
- invite 5 individuals to answer and give feedback.

-Provide some vocabulary and give the meaning.
+ Emotion (n): a strong feeling, the part of a person`s character that consists of feelings (cảm giác, cảm xúc)
+ Anger (n,v) ( Angry (adj).
+ Integral part: Essential part (phần thiết yếu).
+ Funeral (n): a ceremony for burying or burning a dead person (đám tang).
+ Mournful (adj): very sad (tang tóc, thê lương).
+ Lull (v): to cause someone to feel as if they want to sleep.
- Speak aloud the vocabulary and ask students to repeat.
- Get students write down the vocabulary into the notebook to learn by heart.
Then ask Students to guess the general idea of the passage.
- invite some students to give opinion. Don’t check right or wrong and say “Let ‘s go to the passage to find the right answer”

Chalk and board

III. While-reading
1. Task 1:
Complete sentences
(7 minutes)

2. Task2
Answer the questions
(7 minutes)

- Ask students to read the words in the box then provide the meanings and part of speech.
- Ask students to work in pairs in 5 minutes to read the passage and then complete the sentences
- Have whole class read aloud the answer then give feedback.

- Ask students to read the passage again and answer the questions on page 126 in the textbook in 5 minutes.
-Call on some students to answer in front of the class
-Listen and give feedback

8 minutes
IV. Post-reading
1. Answer the question

2. Review and homework (3 minutes)

- Divide students into a few groups, each group includes 3 or 4 students.
- Ask groups to discuss then answer 2 questions in the textbook.
- Call some groups to answer aloud.
- Give feedback.
- Review the role of music to our life.
- Ask Ss to learn by heart the vocabulary and prepare the next lesson, Unit 12, session B: Speaking


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