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Lesson plan 6 Hay

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Người gửi: Huỳnh Tiến Đạt
Ngày gửi: 23h:13' 30-10-2010
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Writing’s day : 1/ 9 /2010.
Week 1
1. Objectives: By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to use the greetings and commands in suitable situations, kwon how to learn English
2. Language contents:
+ Vocabulary: Some command sentences.
+ Grammar :
3. Techniques: Q & A, games, role play
4. Teaching aids: textbook
5. Procedures:
Stages/ Time
Teacher’s Activities
Students’ Activities

1. Warmer

2. Presentation:


4. Summary


- What do you do when I come to class?
- What did I say? What should you say?
- Today we’ll learn some sentences, or command sentences that we often use in English class. We know how to learn English in grade 6.

- Introduces the lesson allocation:
3 periods per week
18 weeks in 1st term = 54 periods
17 weeks in 2nd term = 51 periods.
- Shows Ss how to learn English:
1. At school:
- Well prepared lesson.
- Listen T carefully.
- Write lesson carefully and clean.
- Practice, drill….
2. At home:
- Learn voca, structures and points of grammar.
- Do all homework.
- Practice speaking.
- Prepare new lesson.
- Listen to the tape
* Divides Ss in to pairs, groups.
- Presents some command words
. Stand up (action)
. Sit down (action)
. Go to the board (action)
. Back to your seat (action)
. Look at the board ( action)
. Listen and repeat(action)
. Do pairwork, groupwork
. Silence, please. (T)

- Lets Ss repeat
- Lets them repeat and do the action after t.
- Lets them practice in pairs
- Lets them play the roles of S in class
- Call one S to go to the board and play the role of T( the others play the roles of S and do what T asks.
- T remarks: Pronunciation, stress sentences….
- Guild Ss play the game: Do what T says not do what T does.

- What have we learned today?

Ask Ss to practice the command sentences with their friends

- Ss answer T’s questions.

- Take notes

- Write down in their notebooks.

- Practice in-groups.

- Play the role in class

- Play the game.


Take notes

Period 2 Unit 1 : GREETINGS Writing’s day: 1/ 9 /201
Week 1 Lesson 1: A1, 2, 3, 4 ( Pp : 10,11 )

1. Objectives: By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to greet each other and ask how people are; and introduce oneself.
2. Language contents:
+Vocabulary: hello, hi, I, am, my, name, is
+ Grammar : - My name is … / I am …
3. Techniques: Q & A, matching, miming, drawings
4. Teaching aids: textbook ,pictures, flash cards.
5. Procedures:
Stages/ Time
Teacher’s Activities
Students’ Activities

1. Introdution 5’

Calls 2 Ss to sing English songs they have known
-Elicits the song : “ Hello”
Hello ,Hello ,Hello, what’s your name?
Hello ,Hello ,Hello
My name is John.(2times)
Hello , John.(3times)
Introduces the new lesson (point to the picture)
-sing the song

2. Presentation 10’


Preteaches vocab:
+ hello = hi
+I >< you ( M)
+ name (n) eg: Lan, Hoa, Chi…
+ am/is/are (to be) ( I am = I’m ( Lan is = Lan’s
+ my (
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