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Người gửi: Hồng Rose
Ngày gửi: 15h:51' 17-01-2019
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WEEK:1 Preparing date:
Period: 1 Teaching date:

I./. OBJECTIVE: - By the end of the lesson S will be able to remember main contents of English 6 and know how to learn English 7.
1. Knowledge
2. Skills: Practicing skills
3. Attitude: - Students know how to learn English in right way.
- Ss are interested in doing exercises.
4. Competences:
- Co-operation
- Self- study
- Using language to do exercises
1.Teacher: book, planning, picture, laptop, projector
2.Students: books, notebooks
III./. TEACHING METHODS: Communicative approach, group Ss and T’s activities, play as a character, teaching methods with game, teaching methods by visual, teaching methods by practising, discussion group, technical present….
1. Warm up:
- free talk about summer activities

- Introduces the students the subject “English” and help them understand the way how to learn the new English 7.
- Trains them how to use English as means of the simple communication by listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
- helps sts know how to use text book , exercise books and other materials to learn EL effectively
- lets sts know the way to do the tests
2. Pre-practice:
- Helps sts to review the knowledge they have learnt in grade 6
+ tenses
+ form of verbs
+ Conditional sentence
+ Comparison
+ Vocabulary
3. Controlled – practice:
- Asks sts to do exercises to review their knowledge:
I. Choose the best answer (A, B. C or D) to complete the sentences:
1. Last weekend, I ……..a lot of photos
A.take B. took C.taking D. to take
2. … too much TV . It’s not good for your eyes.
A. Do B.Don’t C. Please D. Can’t
3. … the studio of Vietnam’s national TV station ? – In HaNoi
A.What B.Where C.When D. How
4. I like watching TV ……….. it’s entertaining and educational. B.but C. because D. although
5.Tom is ill so he …….. play football with us now.
A.can B.can’t C. could D. couldn’t
6.He …………to Parismany times.
A. is B. was C. has been D. will be
7. What is the …………city in the world ?-I think it’s Tokyo
.A.most expensive B. more expensive C. expensivest D. expensiver
8. If we cut down more forests, there …………. more floods.
A.are B.were C. have been D. will be
9. You should give your old …… charity or swap with your cousins instead of throwing them away
A. friends B. clothes C. schools D.streets
10. ……….is the most famous tower in London
A. Effiel B. Petronas Twin Towers C. Big Ben D. Sear Tower
11. I laugh a lot and feel funny when I watch …………….programmes
A.comedy B. news C. documentary D. weatherforecast.
12. Most of us can’t …………..volleyball
A. play B. do C. practice D. go
13. His future house will look like a …………on the mountain
A. city B. country C. UFO D. TV
14. I …………..a 3D movie
A. have never watch B. never watched C. never have watched D. have never watched
15. She ……….speak English until she was in Year 5.
A. can B. could C. can’t D. couldn’t
IV. Rearrange the given words to make meaningful sentences
1. too much / Watching / TV / not/ for / is / your eyes / good/
2. she / practice / Does/ regularly? / speaking / English /
3. you / been / Hanoi ? / Have / ever/ to /
4. will / We/ a television / have / to watch / from / other planets / programmes.
5. My uncle/ play / when/ could/ well / he/ was/ football / young ./
6. We/ this / because

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