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Người gửi: Bùi Mạnh Trưởng
Ngày gửi: 08h:06' 15-11-2019
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Week 11
PERIOD 31: lesson 5: skillS 1
Ngày soạn: 02/11/2019
Ngày dạy: 06/11/2019
I/ Objectives:
1. Educational aim: - Read for general and specific information about customs and traditions
- Talk about customs and traditions
2. Knowledge and skills:
- Vocabulary: celebrate, anniversary, lasagne
- Grammatical structures:
II/ Teaching aids:
- T: lesson plan, visual pictures , aids
III/ Procedures :

Steps and time
Learning activities
Language focus

A. Warm up.(2’)
B. Reading(20’)

C. Speaking(15’)

D. Performing.(6’)

E. Homework(2’)
- T asks Ss some questions about their families’ customs and traditions.
*Pre - task:
Activities 1: Answer the questions
Ask sts to look at the pictures and answer the questions in pairs
Elicit answers from Ss
- Picture 1: A family is celebrating a birthday
- Picture 2: People are making Chung cake
- Picture 3: A family is at an amusement park
Activity 2:
Ask Ss to read the passage quickly and tell if Mi is writing about her family or her society
Elicit answers from Ss
- She’s writing about her family
* Task cycle:
Exercise 3:Decide in which paragraph each detail is mentioned. Wtite A, B, C in the blank
Introdude the new type of reading exercise
Instruct the way to do this kind of exercise
Read the statements and underline the key words
Eg: in statement 1, the key words are ‘ name” and “ Italian dish”
Begin with statement 1, read thhrough the passage quickly and locate the key words
Stop to read the part that includes the key words more carefully to make sure the information matches
T may model with the first satement
S: Work individually then compare their answers with a classmate.
1- C 2- A 3- C 4- B 5- A 6- B
Exercise 4: Answer the questions
- Ask sts to read the text again and answer the questions in pairs.
- Have sts compare the answers with a classmate.
- Call some sts to write the answers on the board and T : ask them to explain their answers.
- T: confirm the correct answers.
1/ They are: having lunch together on the second day of Tt, spending Sunday together, and celebrating her grandparents’ wedding anniversary on the first Sunday of October.
2/ They usually go to the cinema or go for a picnic together
3/ They don’t remember
4/ They made five- colored sticky rice served with grilled chicken
5/ They love family customs and traditions because they provide a sense of belonging.
* Language analysis:
- T focus on some words related to customs and traditions.

* Pre stage:
- T asks some questions about customs and tradition.
*Through stage:
Exercise 5:Work in pairs and discuss the questions
Ask sts to take to ask each other the three questions about their own family customs and traditions
T can move about the class facilitating where necessaary and assessing how Ss are doing.
* Post stage:
Exercise 6:
T: Ask two pairs of Ss to join together. One pair interviews the other. One S interviews and the other notes down the answers in the table, then the second pair interviews the first pair
Ask sts to present what they’ve fount out to the whole class.
Ask students to complete all the exercises
Vocabulary about customs and traditions.

How to organise a presentation on customs and tradition.
- sense of belonging(n)

Vocabulary about customs and traditions..

Pair work.




Pair work.


Whole class
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