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Người gửi: Đặng Thị Nguyệt Thu (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 19h:50' 07-06-2017
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Date of preparing: 03/09/2016 Date of teaching: 06/09/2016

Period 1

I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Review all main what they have studied in the 7th form
- Practice doing some exercises
II. Teaching Aidss: Textbook, chalk, paper test...
III. Teaching procedures


 Activity 1
(25 minutes)

1.Purpose :
- This activity focuses students on the revision things they’ve studied in the 7th form
You give main contents you have studied in the 7th form
3 Task :
- Work individually
Suggested questions: How many tenses have you studied? What are they? What is active/ passive sentence? How to change an active into passive? …
I. Tenses
1. Present tenses: simple/ cont./ perfect
Ex. - Nam goes to school everyday.
- He is writing a letter.
- They have built that house for 3 months.
2. Past : simple/ cont
Ex. - My mother bought me a new shirt yesterday.
- We were having dinner when Lan came yesterday.
3. Future : simple/ cont.
Ex. - We will travel to HN next weekend.
- We will be traveling by this time next month.
II. Passive voice
1. Active: Someone does something.
2. Passive: Something is done (by agent)
Ex. - The cat eats the mouse.
=> The mouse is eaten by the cat.
- Lan does her homework everyday.
=> Lan’s homework is done everyday.
III. Main structures
1. although + a clause of concession => despite + N-phrase/ V-ing
Ex. - Although he is poor, he is the best student in our class.
=>Despite being poor, he is the best student ……..
2. used to + V = usually + V-ed/ V2 (past habit)
Ex. My father used to smoke a lot but now he isn’t any more.
3. be/ get + used to + V-ing (present habit)
Ex. Lan is used to getting up early.
4. Degree of comparisons
a. Equality: as …. As
b. Comparative: er…than/ more …..than
c. Superlative: the …est / the most …

Activity 2
(18 minutes)

1.Purpose :
- This activity focuses students on practicing doing exercises
You practice doing different exercises
3. Task
- Work individually, pairs/ groups
I. Correct verbs form/ tense
1. There (be) 3 accidents on this street in the past 3 days.
2. Is this the first time you (visit) our beautiful country?
3. My uncle`s health (improve) since he (leave) India.
5. I (buy) a new shirt last week but I (not wear) it yet.
6. I (not see ) Lan since we (leave) school.
II. Change into passive
1. She read the letter many times last night. ( _____________
2. Hoa met Tim at the market yesterday. (___________________________
3. She didn’t introduce me to her mother. (_______________________
4. My father planted this tree. ( ________________________________
5. Thu helped him do his homework. (__________________________
6. They didn’t invite me to the birthday party. ( __________________
7. they built that house in 1972 ( _________________________________
8. Mr. Smith has taught us French for two year.
9. They didn’t look after the children properly.
10. Nobody swept this street last week.
III. Rewrite sentences with: although/ despite
1. She felt sick. She went to work. (though) =>
2. I was really tired. I couldn’t sleep. (even though) =>
3. He is very rich. He isn’t happy. (although) =>
4. She couldn’t answer the question. She is very intelligent. (though) =>
5. He tried. He was not successful. (though) =>
6. His life is hard. He determined to study well. =>

(2 minutes)
ss retell main contents

Review all by yourself
Prepare: Unit 1. Lesson1. Getting started

Teacher’s remarks

Date of preparing: 06/09/2016 Date of teaching: 08/09/2016

Period 2

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