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Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Liên
Ngày gửi: 09h:31' 19-01-2021
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Date of planning: 20/12/2018
Lesson 1: Getting started, Listen & Read

I. Aims and Objectives:
1. Knowledge:
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use the vocabulary to talk about what they would do in the situations which require first aid and retell the story from the dialogue.
Vocabulary: T provides Ss with words related to the topic “first-aid course”
Grammar: + Present simple tense
Pronunciation: - Helps Ss how to pronounce rightly.
2. Skills:
Improve their reading, listening, writing and speaking skill.
3. Attitudes:
To make the students aware of the love of the young pioneers club.
Work hard.
4. Developing quality and ability:
Living skill: - Sspractice in writing a letter.
II. Teaching aids:
T: Textbook, laptop, lesson plan, chalk, projector.
Ss: Textbook.
III. Teaching methods:
+ Communicative: T (Ss , Ss(Ss
+ Group work, Pair work, Individual work
IV. Procedures:

Teacher`s and Students’ activities
Developing quality and ability

I.Getting started:
Introduces vocabulary by using pictures.

- Individual work
emergency room.
medicated oil.
water pack.
sterile dressing.
- Develop reminding skill

Ask students to discuss and match the first-aid requirements and their situations.
* Situations:

1. A girl has a burn on her arm.
2. A boy has a bad cut on his leg.
3. A girl has a nose bleed.
4. A boy has a bee sting.

- Ask students to read aloud their solution before the class.

- Correct the answer if necessary.

II. Presentation:
1. Vocabulary:
+ ambulance (n) (pic)
+ emergency (n) (expl)
+ conscious ≠ unconscious (adj) (trans)
+ bleed (v) ( bleeding badly (expl)
+ cover the wound (v) (exam)
+ hold it tight (v) (exam)
+ fall asleep (v) (expl)
*Check : slap the board

III. Practice:
- Plays the tape and ask students to look at the dialogue and listen to the dialogue.
* Questions drill:
a. Who are talking in the conversation?
b. Where are they?
c. What happened? Why?
d. Where is the school?
(Ex2 P. 81)

IV. Production:
. * Role play:

* Write it up:

* Gap filling:
Have students do gap fill prediction. Use the words in the box.
awake – ambulance – emergency – fell – conscious – bleeding.

“There was an (1) ……………….. at Lan’s school. A student (2) ……….. off her bike and hit her head on the road. She was (3) ……………….. but she had a bad cut on her head and the cut was (4) ……………….. badly. Lan telephoned Bach Mai Hospital and asked the nurse to send an (5) ……………….. to QuangTrung School. Lan was asked to keep the student (6) ……………….. while waiting for the ambulance.”
V. Homework:
- Learn vocabulary by heat.
- Do exercises in work book.
- Prepare the next lesson: Speak, Listen
- Group works.
(First-aid requirements:
a. Use cold water to ease the pain.
b. Use alcohol to wash it.
c. Use a handkerchief to stop the bleeding.
d. Use medicated oil to apply to it.
e. Use ice to ease the pain.
f. Use sterile dressing.
g. Tell her / him to lie down.
h. Put the burn under cold water.
i. Take her / him to the nearest clinic or hospital.
j. Apply the tiger palm to it.
g. Put the cotton ball on it.
h. Use a bandage to bind round it.
i. Rub oil / ointment on it.
j. Use a towel or a handkerchief to cover the wound.



- Practice the dialogue in pairs.
- Read the dialogue silently to
answer the questions

a.Lan and a nurse.
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