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Giao an tieng Anh 10-Unit 15

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Người gửi: Đặng Quốc Tú (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 12h:34' 23-09-2011
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Số lượt tải: 446
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Week: 32
Period: 91

I. Aim:
- Grammar: - Pronunciation: /θ/, / ð /
- Non- defining and defining relative clauses
- Although -
II. Teaching aids:
- Pictures, posters, lesson plan, textbook, etc.
III. Procedure:

Teacher, s activities
Students’ s activities

* Warm up.
- Show a picture of Tom’s family (3 brothers).
- Ask: How many people are there in Tom’s family?
How many brothers are there in Tom’s family?
-Write this sentence on the blackboard.
There are three brothers in Tom’s family.
-There are three brothers in Tom’s family.
/θ / / ð /
- Ask students to read this sentence in chorus.
- Ask them to pronounce two sounds:
- Describe how to pronounce the 2 sounds clearly.
Activity 1:
- Ask students to open their books page 164.
- Ask Ss to listen and repeat:/θ/ /ð/
- Ask students to practice in pairs
- Get some students to pronounce these words individually before the class
- Play a game.
- Without looking back at the textbooks, put some words pronounced / θ/ in column A. and some words pronounced / ð / in column B
- Divide into 2 groups
- Choose the winner
Activity 2
- Practice the sentences.
(These sentences are written on a poster)
- Ask students to listen and repeat
- Get some Ss to go to the blackboard and use two kinds of coloured chalk to underline the words pronounced /θ/, / ð /
- Conduct correction
- Get students to practice 3 minutes.
- Get some Ss to read these sentences individually.
- Correct their mistakes.
- Get Ss to read these sentences in chorus again
Activity 1:
Shows a picture of New York Harbour (textbook)
Asks: What is it?.

*Says: New York Harbour, which is ice-free in
N – R - Clause
all seasons, is one of the largest and finest harbours in the world.
- Writes this sentence on the blackboard
- Explain
Gives another example.
*The man who lives next door is very friendly.
@ Note
“That” is not used in non-defining rela clauses
Exercise 2
Connecting contrasting ideas: Although.
Activity 1

- Give an example
Says: Although it is raining, they’re still playing football. S V
- Write this sentence on the board
- Explain
- Ask Ss to look at the example in their textbooks
Ex: Although New York is not the capital of the
U.S.A, it is the home of the United Nations.
- Analyse
- Explain
ex: Though it is raining, they’re still playing football.
Teacher assigns homework.

- Five people

- Three brothers

- Read in chorus.
- Pronounce the sounds in chorus

- Repeat after the teacher(3 times)
- Pratise in pairs
- Pronounce

/θ/ / ð /

- Repeat in chorus.

- Practise
- Read

- Read in chorus.

* Non-defining and defining relative clauses.
Beginning: which, who, whom, whose, that.

- Non-defining relative clauses:
+ After comma
+ can be omitted
+ After proper noun, possessive adj, demonstrative adj

“Who lives next door” is relative clause
* Defining relative clauses
+ Not after comma
+ can not be omitted
- Take notes

- Copy down
* Connecting contrasting ideas: Although

- Beginning: Although = Even though= Though + S +V

- Replaced by In spite of/ despite + N. Phr.

- Copy down

- Write down
- Do the exercises again

 IV. Feedback

Week: 32
Period: 92

I. Aim:
- Read for gist and for specific information.
II. Teaching aids:
- Pictures, posters, textbook.
III. Procedure:

Teacher’s activities
Students ‘ activities

* Warm up:
Teacher shows pictures of some cities
1. Ha Noi 2. Sydney 3. New york 4.

thầy cô ơi sao không soạn phần language focus   ra vậy ?
có những bài khó trong phần đó tụi em muốn làm nhưng ko biết kết quả ,nên lớp em đăng ý kiến cho rằng thầy cô nên soạn cả phần Languge...... zo nữa ạhh


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