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Giao an thi diem 10 ca nam

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Người gửi: Bùi Thị Biền
Ngày gửi: 20h:39' 08-05-2015
Dung lượng: 1.7 MB
Số lượt tải: 3115
Số lượt thích: 11 người (Đàm Minh Lan, Trần Thị Minh Mẫn, Hà Thị Thơm, ...)
Date of preparation: August, 16th 2014 Date of signing: August, 18th 2014 Distributive period: 1 Date of signing:

A. Aims:
- Help Ss to know about the English book grade 10 in general. (Including themes, tests, lessons etc. )
- Introduce how to do an oral test, a fifteen - minute tests and a written test.
- Some requires of student to study well English.
- To help Ss have the opportunities to develop their oral fluency.
- To introduce the theme and units.
- By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
+ Know about the English book grade 10 in general.
B. Preparations:
- Teacher: Handouts, textbook, sub boards and colored chalks.
- Students: Textbook.
C. Methods: - The whole lesson: Integrated, mainly communicative.
D. Procedures:


1. Warm-up

9 minutes
* Game: Lucky Number
-T divides the whole class into two groups and plays the game.
- The leader of each group chooses a number for their own group and does the following requirement in each question. If the answer is correct, they will get 10 marks.
1. Lucky Number
2. How many girls are there in your class?
3. Do you know what your English teacher’s name is?
4. Lucky Number
5. What do you prepare for this semester?
6. Do you like studying English? Why or Why not?
7. How do you learn English well?
8. Do you speak English fluently?
- T leads Ss in the lesson.

T <--> Ss

Group work

2. Presentation 1

12 minutes
A. Content: Including six topics
- T introduces the topics.
1. You and me 2. Education
3. Community 4. Recreation
5. Nature and Environment 6. People and places
--> Six topics are divided into ten units.
- T asks Ss to find out the topic through the unit’s name.
B. The design of each unit in textbook:
1. Getting started: Introducing the overall topic of the unit
2. Language: Learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation
3. Reading: Developing reading skills and providing Ss with language and ideas about the topic
4. Speaking: Developing speaking skills and encouraging Ss to apply and share their own knowledge
5. Listening: Developing listening skills
6.Writing: Developing writing skills and helping Ss cope with ideas and necessary language
7. Communication and culture: providing Ss with an opportunity for further practice and consolidation of the skills and the language learnt previously in the unit.
8. Looking back and project:
- Revising and consolidating of the language in the unit
- Providing Ss with an opportunity to apply the language and skills they learnt throughout the unit to perform a task in a realistic situation
- After 2 units, Ss have one period for test themselves. It helps them test themselves about what they’ve learnt.

T <--> Ss

3. Presentation 2

20 minutes

C. Tests:
1- Checking frequency knowledge for the previous lesson.
2- Fifteen minutes test (3 times for each semester)
3- Forty minutes test (2 times for each semester)
4- Semester test (Once for each semester)
D. The new point in learning English 10
- Communicative method /approach.
- Task - based method /teaching.
- The book is designed with 4 skills.
- Complete and various tests.
- Learner - centered approach.
E. Introduce the English book grade 10
- Ask Ss to look through the book then tell class how many units it has.
- Introduce some more information.
- There are 6 themes including You and Me; Education; Community; Nature and Environment; National Parks; Recreation and People and Places.
- There are 8 periods in each unit. They are Getting Started, Language, Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing, Culture and communication and Looking Back
F. Some requires of students
- Read the lesson before studying in class.
- Do all exercises at home.
- It is good to find the meaning and the pronunciation of the new words in the dictionary at home.
-Listen to the teacher attentively and take part in the lesson actively and creatively.
- Take part in the activities that the teacher required such as pairs work, group work or individual
- Each S has a notebook and book (student book and work book)

T <--> Ss


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