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Người gửi: Phùng Hồng Nhung
Ngày gửi: 09h:02' 05-03-2021
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Trường THCS CẩmLĩnhHọtêngiáoviên:
Tổ KH TựnhiênPhùngThịHồng Nhung

Tênbàidạy: Unit 6:The environment
Môn: Tiếng Anh; Lớp 9C, 9D
Thờigianthựchiện: 5 tiết( từtiết 37- 41)
Date of planing: 25/1/2020
Date of teaching: 26/1/2020
Period 39:Listen + language focus

1. Knowledge: - Vocabulary: lexical items related toenvironmemt
- Grammar: Adverb clauses of reason. Adjective + that clause:

2. Skills: Speaking, listening, reading
3. Competences:
- Communication
- self-learning capability
- creative capacity
- ability to use of language
1.Teacher: book, planning, picture.
2.Students: books, notebooks
Teacher and Students` activities

ACTIVITY 1: Warm up

Aims:Review old lessons
Review old lessons
Form in the board.
* Chatting :
Ask Ss to ask and answer the way to form adv of manner from adj.

- Comment on the ways to form adverbs of manner from adjectives.
- Complete the table and the sentences in Language focus 1 ( pair compare.

ACTIVITY 2. vocabulary

Communication 1:
Aims: provide stsneccesary words and structure for understanding and learning the conversation.
- new words
- New words
* Vocabulary.
T. elicits words from table how the ocean is polluted.

Ss read vocab in chorus.
Rub out and remember

* New words:
sewage: Nướcthải
- to pump: bơm
- to be guilty of: cảitạo
- to spill: làmtràn ra
- to leak: ròrỉ
- marine life: cuộcsốngdướibiển
- deliberate (adj): Cố ý.
* Vocabulary checking : R.O.R

ACTIVITY 3: practice

Aims: help stslisten to the news on solar energy
- information about solar ennergy
- words about solar energy
- Task 1, 2
- T. call some pairs present before class.
Task 1
- Give Ss plenty of time to work in pairs to choose T/F . Encourage them to talk and raise as many questions as possible.
Task 2
- Have ss listen and fill in the blank. encourage Ss to talk about content of the table
- T. calls a student to the board and write the correct answer

In pairs.
* Answer T1: 1T ;2F ;3F ; 4T ; 5F ; 6F

* Answer T2: 1. effective
pollution 3. countries
Store 5. roof 6. instead

ACTIVITY 4: Further practice

Aims: review the way to form adv
The way to use adj and adv
- answer key
T elicits from students verbs that are followed by a gerund (like, dislike, enjoy, hate, love,...)
(have Ss do Language focus 2 P .54
- T checks with the whole class.

( have Ss do Language focus 3 P.55
- T checks with the whole class.

Adverb clauses of reason:
a. Because is generally used when the reason is the most important part of the sentence. The “Because-clause” usually comes at the end.
b. As and sinceare used when the reason is already well known or is less inportant than the rest of the sentence. Since is a little more formal than as. As and since-clauses often begin the sentence.
Adjective + that clause:
( To express feelings.
S + (be) + adj + that clause
* Adjectives of this type are: happy, glad, surprised, relieved, sad, disappointed, delighted, amazed, pleased, exected, sorry, etc.

ACTIVITY 5:Production

Aims: review the Lesson and required activities at home
? Learn by heart new words
? Do homework
Sts’s knowledge about solar energy

- Learn by heard the words
- Do homework
- Prepare “read”

Trường THCS CẩmLĩnhHọtêngiáoviên:
Tổ KH TựnhiênPhùngThịHồng Nhung
Tênbàidạy: Unit 6:The environment
Môn: Tiếng Anh; Lớp 9C, 9D
Thờigianthựchiện: 5 tiết( từtiết 37- 41)
Date of planing: 28/1/2020
Date of teaching: 30/1/2020
Period 40: READ
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