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Ngày gửi: 18h:44' 06-01-2022
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Part A: Reading

Knowledge:By the end of lesson, students will be able to:
Gain more knowledge about the biggest football event in the word
Know more about the history of the World Cup
Asking and answering questions about football, World cup
Reading for details.
Method: integrated, mainly communicative approach
Techniques: explanation, question-answer, individually, pair-work, group-work
Teaching aids: textbooks, screen, computer, etc.
Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities

Warm-up (10 minutes)
Aim:To lead in the new lesson
-Asks Ss some questions:
Do you like sports?
Which sport do you usually play?
What about football?
Do you like watching football?
Have you ever watched any football match?
-Shows a video about the World Cup and asks Ss:
Which event I want to talk about?
-Asks Ss some questions:
Have you ever watched World Cup championship?
Do you know which team won the World Cup lastyear?
-Leads Ss to the new lesson.

-Listen to the teacher.
-Answer these questions.

-Watch a video

-The answer is: World Cup

(20 minutes)
Aim:To provide Ss with words/phrases about World Cup
-Teaches vocabulary, meaning and pronunciation.
tournament (n)
the globe (n)
champion (n)
elimination games (n)
trophy (n)
host nation (n)
jointly (adv)
Expression and phrases:
tobe set up
gain a victory over
compete in
-T asks Ss listen and repeat in choral and individually
- Listens and checks.

Task 1:Matching
- Asks Ss work in pair andmatch the words in left column with the definitionsin right collumnin 2 minutes.
-Asks Ss to compare answers with their friends and give answer
- Checks Ss’s answer
*Suggested answer:
+ Host nation - A country that provides the necessary space, facilities, etc. for a special event
+ Gained a victory over – To win
+ Trophy – A prize for winning a competition
+ Witnessed – To see something happen
+ Tournament - A competition in which players compete against each other in a series of games until there is a winner
+ Jointly - Involving two or more people or groups
Checking: Fill in the blanks:
-T asks Ss doTask Checkingindividually
*Suggested answer:
Russia was the witnessed of the 2018 World Cup.
France gained a victory overBrazil in the final and became the champion of the 2002 World Cup.
The 2002 World Cup final was jointlyheld by Japan and Korea.
Brazil won the final match and became the first team to win the trophy
By 2002, the world had witnessed17World Cup tournaments
World Cup is the biggesttournamentaround the globe.

-Ss listen and repeat in chorus and individually

-Ss listen and do Task 1 -Compare answer with their friends
-Give answers
- Take note

-Ss listen and do Task Checking
-Ss compare their answer with their friends
-Give answers
-Take note

(15 minutes)
-Plays the audio about the text in book for Ss.
- T asks Ss to read carefully the first paragraph in book
- T asks Ss answer the question by playing a game called: “Lucky man”
- T devides class into 2 groups: A & B and introduce the ruler of game
*Suggested answers:
+ What is the World Cup? - The World Cup is the international football tournament.
+Who was the champion in the 2018 World Cup? - France
+ Where was the 2018 World Cup held? – Russia
+ How often does the World Cup happen? – Every 4 years
+ How many viewers did the final match of the 2002 World Cup attract? – More than one billion viewers
-Listen to the tape and read silently.
-Scan quickly the first passage
-Listen to the T and play a game.

(1 minutes)
- Asks Ss to learn by heart the new words and prepareTask 2 & 3 in page 144 for the next lesson.
- Listen to the teacher and take note.

Wednesday, March 27th2019 Instructor’s comments

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