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Người gửi: Diệp Anh Phạm
Ngày gửi: 20h:29' 27-08-2021
Dung lượng: 2.6 MB
Số lượt tải: 75
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Date of planning:Date of teaching:
Lesson 1: GETTING STARTED:What’s on today?
I. Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
-Listen and read for specific information about TV programmes
- Use the lexical items related to the topic “Television”
- Find the adjectives describing a TV programme
II. Language Focus: 1. Vocabulary: the items related to television. 2. Structures: The present simple tense.
III. Teaching aids: Course book, CD player, picture.
IV. Procedures:
Learning activities


Warm up

- Students play game “Back to the board”
- Ss prepare for the listening
* Warm-up:
- Ss play a game: Back to the board:
Mr Bean,Tom,Jerry, comedy, cartoon, funny

Whole class

Getting started

Task 1
Aim: Ss will be able to get some ideas about what the dialogue might be about

- Ss look at the picture and answer somequestions about the picture.

- Ss guess what the picture might show or what the conversation might be about.
- Ss share any recent experiences about their favorite TV programs.

- Ss listen and read.

I. Listen and read
-Who are they?
- What are they doing?
- Can you guess what they are talking about? - Are they talking about their famous TV programmes?

Whole class

Whole class

Whole class

Task 2
Aim: Ss will be able to get a better understanding of the conversation

- Ss work independently. - Ss read the questions and underline keywords.
- Ss share answers before discussing as a class.
- Ss write the correct answers on the board
-Ss check the answers with teacher.

- Ss guess some adjectives that can be used to describe the characters
- Ss scan the names of the characters in the dialogue to find the adjectives that are used to describe each character.
- Ss check with teacher

- Ss read all the words listed in the box.
- Ss can ask teacher to explain the meaning of some new words.
- Ss choose some adjectives to describe a TV program.
- Ss work in pairs ask and answer questions to find out about the TV program their partner is referring to.
II. Practice
1a. Read the conversation again and answer the questions.
* Key:
1- Laughing out loud
2- VTV3
3-No, they aren’t
4- Because he is awful.
5- Tom is stupid, but funny

1b.Find the adjectives describing each character in the conversation and write them here.
* Key:
Mr Bean: funny ,awful
Tom: stupid, funny
Jerry: intelligent

1c. Which adjective(s) below can you use to describe a TV programme you have watched? What programme is it?
* Suggestions:
- Is News program popular?
- Yes, it is
- Is News program funny?
- No, it isn’t

Work individually

Work in pairs

Whole class

Whole class

Work individually

Whole class

Whole class

Work individually

Work in pairs


Task 3
Aim: Ss will be able to enrich their vocabulary about different types of TV programs

- Ss listen and repeat the new words in the box.
- Ss can ask teacher to explain the meaning of some new words.
- Ss work in groups of four, look at the pictures and match it with the correct words.
- Some Ss write the correct words under the pictures.
- Other Ss check with teacher.

2. Put the correct words in the box under each picture.
* Key:
1- National television
2- News program
3- Local television
4- comedy
5- game show
6- animal program

Task 4
Aim: Ss practice using the words related to the topic to complete sentences

-Ss read the sentences carefully. They can ask teacher which words they don’t know
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