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Người gửi: Dong Thi Hoang Yen
Ngày gửi: 20h:34' 11-05-2021
Dung lượng: 2.8 MB
Số lượt tải: 107
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Date of preparing: 16/01/2021
Date of teaching: 18/01/2021
Period 55. REVISION
A/ Objectives:
-Attitude: Students enjoy describing and talking about the neighbourhood, natural wonders of the world, Our Tet holiday…
+ Know: the simple present and continuous, intension, advice, will/won’t, should/shouldn’t…
+Understand: How to talk about the neighbourhood, natural wonders of the world, Our Tet holiday…
+Use: They can make sentences to talk about the neighbourhood, natural wonders of the world, Tet…
-Skills: practice 4 skills fluently; especially listening and speaking skills.
*/ Preparation:
T: Lesson plan, word cues, a clock, cassette player and CD, poster, laptop, projector.
S: project, text book, pictures of activities and schools.
B/ Procedure:
I. Organization (1’): Good morning. / How are you?/ Who’s absent today?
II. Warm up ( 4’): Interview. (Speaking)
What do you like/ dislike about your school? Why?
Eg: I like studying El becauce the teacher is very friendly.
-> T calls 10 sts then gives comments.
What are there in your houses? How many rooms are there in your houses?
Eg: There are many things in my houses. They are…..
III. New lesson(37’): **TENSES:

Present simple tense
- S+ is/am/are …// S+ V(s/es)
S + do/does + not +V…
Do/does + S + V….?
Always, often, sometimes, never, every, ….

Present continuous tense
 S+ is /am/are + V-ing
Now, at the moment, at present, at this time, Look! , listen!, Be careful !

Future simple
 S+ Will + V
 Tomorrow, tonight, next, in the future, in +2016, when I grow up,

Near future
S+ am/is/are going to + V
Tomorrow, tonight, next, in the future, in +2016, when I grow up,

Past simple tense
+ S + was/were + …
S+ V(ed/c2) ( Did + V?
Ago, in the past, when I was a child, yesterday, …..

Modal verbs
S + Modal + V
Can could, may, might, shall, should, must, ought to, have to.

1- Verb form:
- look/ seem/ make/ sound/ + adjective
- Like/ hate/ love/ dislike/enjoy + V-ing.
- What/ How about + V- ing?
- Why don’t we/ you + V- inf?
- Let’s + V.
- Would you like +N/ to- V? ( yes, please/ No, thanks)
2- Comparatives:
a- So sánh bằng: S1 + be/ V + as + adj/ adv + as + S2 (O).
b- So sánh hơn:
* Short –adjectives:
S1 + Be/V + adj- er + than + S2 (0).
Long- adjectives/ advs:
S1 + Be/ V + more + adj/ adv + than + S2 ( 0).
c- So sánh hơn nhất :
* Short –adjectives:
S + Be/ V + the + adj/ adv- est
Long- adjective:
S + Be/ V + the most + adj/ adv….
3- Yes/ no- questions:
 4- Or questions:
- Are you a student or a teacher? Iam a student.
- Does Lan play badminton or tennis? – she plays tennis.
- Will Hoa study Math or literature?- She will study literature.
- Can they swim or dive? They can dive.
5- Tag questions:
You play badminton, don’t you? ( Yes, I do/ No, I don’t.
Hoa does not cook well, does she?--> No, she does not./ yes, she does.
6- Wh- questions:
7- Adverbs of frequency:
Always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely, never.
I am always hard- working.
They never go to school late.
8- help sbd do/ to do something.
- Want/ need sbd to do sth.

III- PRONUNCIATION: /s/,/ iz/, /z/;
Keys: 1. small 2. Noisy 3. cheap 4.low 5.sad
7. unimportant
8. short 9
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