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Ngày gửi: 20h:13' 22-04-2020
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Lesson 1: Getting Started – My future house

I. Objectives:
By the end of this lesson, students can know more about types of houses, modern appliances and how they can help us.
II. Language Focus:
1. Vocabulary: the lexical items related to “Our houses in the future”.
2. Structures: Will + V for the future and might + V for future possibility
III. Method: Communicative approach
IV. Teaching ads: Course book, CD player, picture.
V. Procedures:

Teacher’s Activities
Ss’ Activities

-T writes the unit title on the board. Ask SS:
( T introduces some words about appliances and furniture for students ( washing machine, dishwasher, wireless T.V, help SO with St, solar energy)
-T Shows the picture of Getting started, asks :
- More explains new words and structures in listen and read.
-T asks Ss to look through the conversation then listen and read after the tape once
- SS work in pairs, practice the dialogue again.
-Play the recording. Ss listen and repeat.

- T-Whole class

* Presentation:
* Do you live in a house or in an apartment?
* What appliances are there in your houses?
* What furniture does your house have?
* What does a washing machine, a dish washer, a T.V help you?
* Who are they? ( Nick and Phong)
* What is Phong doing? (drawing a picture)
* What is his picture of? ( of a UFO)
* This UFO is his future house. What is there around the house?
* Nick and Phong are talking about his future house. What tense do they use in the conversation?

- Ask Ss to complete the table individually, then work in groups to find out correct answers
- T gets feedback, then correct.

- SS work in pairs, complete the sentences
- T gets feedback and correct.

- T asks SS to read the words about some types of houses then lets Ss match the words with correct pictures.
- Get feedbackand correct. Introduce some more new words ( space houseboat, motor home, skyscraper)
- T asks Ss to work in pairs to find out some adjectives that can be used to describe the houses.
- T gets feedback and asks the other to give their ideas.
- T asks:
- SS work in pairs, ask and answer these questions about the pictures.
- T calls some SS to perform before class.
- Read the phrases
Where will your future be? Tick the place where you want your future house to be located.
- SS do it individually- then practice asking and answering the question.
- T calls some pairs to perform before class

- Individual work

- Pair-work

- Individual work

- Pair –work

- Individual work

* Practice:
1a- Complete the table

Type of house

In the

Many tall old trees

Number of rooms

Appliances in the room
A wireless

1b. Complete the sentences
1. mountains
2. many tall old trees
3. 20
4 . wireless T.V
2- Matching
1- c 2. a 3. e 4. b 5.d

3- What adjs can you think of to describe the houses in 2
*What do you think about the space houseboat?
* I think they are beautiful………

*Which house do you like best?
*I like the palace
* Because it’s big

4. Tick the place where you want your future house to be located

- Have Ss to play a game.

- Group-work
* Production:
5. Game

- Practice the conversation.
- Prepare the next lesson (A closer look 1)

Lesson 2: A Closer Look 1

I. Objectives:
By the end of this lesson, students can Pronounce correctly the sounds /dr/ and /tr/in isolation and in context; Use the lexical items related to the topic “our houses in the future”
II. Language Focus:
1. Vocabulary
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