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Người gửi: Đỗ Cao Cường (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 19h:31' 05-09-2021
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Week 1- Period 1
Preparing date:…../…./2021
Teaching date:…../…./2021

1. Knowledge: By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
- Review all main what they have studied in the 8th form
- Practice doing some exercises
a. Vocabulary: Review
b. Grammar: Tenses, Passive voice, structures.
c. Skills: Speaking, writing.
2. Competence development: 
- Linguistic competence, cooperative learning and communicative competence.
3. Behavior : Ss will be more responsible for studying English because SS are encouraged to love the subject more and like to find information about English language.
1. Teacher: Textbooks, Teaching plan, plan.
2. Students: Books and notebooks.
1. Checking: During the lesson
2. New lesson:

Teacher’s and students’ activities
The main contents

1. Warm up- 6’
a.Aim: To attract Ss’ attention to the lesson and to lead in the new lesson.
b. Content : Groupwork
c. Outcome: Ss can attract to the lesson.
d. Performance:

T lets students play game: review some vocabularies
* Groupwork:
- Divide the class into two teams
- Time: 7 minutes
- Each student in each team write a word you have learnt.
- The team with more and correct words is the winner.

2. Review- 23’
a.Aim: Help Ss Review some structures they have learnt in class 8
b. Content : Students retell the way to use the present tense, past simple tense, future tense.
c.Outcome: Ss can remember some grammar points they have learnt in class 8
d. Performance:

T asks students to retell the way to use the present tense, past simple tense, future tense.

Ss retell and give examples

T asks students to retell the way to use of the passive voice.

Ss retell and give examples

T reviews conditional sentence
Ss listen and remember

I. Tenses.
1. Present tenses: simple/ cont./ perfect
Ex. - Nam goes to school everyday.
- He is writing a letter.
- They have built that house for 3 months.
2. Past : simple/ cont
Ex. - My mother bought me a new shirt yesterday.
- We were having dinner when Lan came yesterday.
3. Future : simple/ cont.
Ex. - We will travel to HN next weekend.
- We will be traveling by this time next month.
II. Passive voice.
Passive voice.
Active:       S  + V + O + …….
→ Passive:  
 S + be + PP2  +  by +  O + ……
Ex:       Active:    She arranges the books on the shelf every weekend.
Passive:   The books are arranged on the shelf by her every weekend.
III. Conditional sentence
Type 1.
Form: If + S + V (present simple), S + will + V (infi)
Use: Điều kiện có thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hoặc tương lai
Type 2.
Form: If + S + V (past simple), S + would + V (infi)
Use: The conditional sentence type 2 describes a thing which is not true or is unlikely to happen in the present or future.

3. Practice- 15’
a.Aim: Help students do exercises about the structures they have reviewed
b. Content : Do some exercises about tense …..
c. Outcome: Ss can more practice to review old grammar.
d. Performance:

T gives exercises about tenses and asks students to do it.
Ss do exercise
T corrects

T gives exercises about passive voice and asks students to do it.
Ss do exercise
T corrects

T asks students to rewrite the sentences.
Ss do exercises
T corrects
Ex1. Correct verbs form/ tense
1. There (be) 3 accidents on this street in the past 3 days.
2. Is this the first time you (visit) our beautiful country?
3. Scientists (find) cures for many illnesses in the last 50 years.
4. My uncle`s health (improve) since he (leave) India.
5. I (buy) a new shirt last week but I (not wear) it yet.
6. I (not see ) Lan since we (leave) school.
Ex 2. Change into passive.
1. John collects money.
Anna opened
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