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Week: 1 Date of preparing: …..………..
Period: 1 Date of teaching :

Lesson 1: Getting Started & Listen and Read
Talk about visiting and entertainment that students are able to make for their friends when they come to visit their country from a foreign country. Introduce a visit from LAN’s pen pal.
II. Language contents:
1. Vocabulary: to correspond (v), mosque (n), to be impressed by…, to pray (v)
2. Structure: - Past simple tense: S + V-ed ( Past column of the irregular Verbs)
- Past simple tense with wish
IV. Teaching aids: - Pictures in the textbook
- Some pictures about the sciences and cultural activities of our country.
- Cassette
IV. Procedures:

Teacher & Ss’ activities:
1: Warm up(5’):
T: shows the pictures and asks sts to answer the questions :
Sts : look at the pictures , name the places in the pictures

- Ask students to work in pairs to tell where they should take their friends to.
- Ask some students tell about their opinions.

-T. lets Ss play the games.
-Ss. Give some places in Ha Noi.


-T: introduce the context

T: play the tape and get sts to listen.
Sts listen
T: explains some new words – read
Sts : copy down – repeat after teacher.

Checking : Rub out and remenber.

T: -explain the Simple past tense and the the past simple with Wish
-Give some examples
Sts : copy down

- Give feedback to the whole class to the open prediction.
-Ask students to read the text to check their prediction and add some more information.
- Ask students to read the text again to choose the correct option to complete the sentences on page 7 (work in pairs)

- Ss. Play the role .
-T. explains how to play the role.

Ss: work in pairs do the exercise
Ss: read aloud complete sentences

- Ask students to recommend places of interest in their city.
-Ask them to discuss where they should take their friends to and what activities they should do
-T. guides Ss how to play the role.
T. guides Ss how to build a dialogue.
-Ss. Base on the dia and do the same
- Ss. Practice speaking.

5. Home work:(1’)
-- Learn their lessons and voc
- Do the exercises 3, 4 in their workbooks
- Prepare the lesson “ Speak + Listen ” Unit 1

* Getting started:
- Do you have pen pals?
- Do you have any friends abroad / in the North / in the South?
- Do you like to have pen pals?
“ Where would you go in these places ? “


* Example answer :
St A : ( point at picture c) I think this is one of the places I want to take my friends to. We can do the shopping or I’ll just introduce them a Vietnamese market.
St B : Good idea ! I believe they will be interested in it.
/ think I will take my friend to Do Son/Sam Son/Cat Ba beach where we can swim and build sand castles. And then we will visit....

(Imagine that a foreign pen pal is coming to stay with you for a week. What activities would you like to do during the visit? The pictures in the book may help you.)
- to correspond : trao đổi thư tín
( explaination: if two people correspond, they regularly write to each other)
- to be impressed by : có ấn tượng
(admiring someone or something very much)
- to pray : cầu nguyện ( mime )
- a mosque : nhà thờ hồi giáo ( picture )
- keep in touch : giữ liên lạc (with s.o)
* Rub out and Remember

( Structures :
The simple past tense : S + V-ed/ V2 + O
Ex : Hoa bought some flowers yesterday.
The past simple with Wish :
I wish + S + Past subjunctive
Ex : I wish I were in the swimming pool now
I wish I had a computer now.

Lan`s Malaysian pen pal came to visit her in Hanoi.
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