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Người gửi: Bùi Văn Hưng
Ngày gửi: 21h:11' 16-09-2018
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 Unit 1: School things and subjects
Lesson 3: A closer look – 45 minutes.

Students’ description
& context
Age: 12
Level: beginner
Number of students: 35
Long desks and benches, a board, a stereo

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
Use the present simple and present continuous tenses
Talk about school activities, subjects and what students do at school.

Activity 1: Warm -up
Let students play “Chain game”
Divide the Ss into group of 6, the first student starts with: “ Every day, I get up at six.”
The next student: “Every day, I get up at six and brush my teeth”
And the next student: “Every day I get up at six and brush my teeth, then I wash my face.”
And do the same until the last student of the group finishes.
3 to 5 minutes

Activity 2: Practice with present simple tense
Teacher: We have played a very interesting game. Can you tell me which tense has just been used?
Students: Present simple tense
Teacher: Great, because we talk about our daily routine.
About our daily routine, now answer my question, Huy.
_ “Do you brush your teeth every morning?”
_ Yes, I do.
Good, that’s what we should do daily. Now Lan, Please answer me:
_“Does Huy brush his teeth every morning?”
_ “Yes, he does.”
So Huy brushes his teeth every morning. And we need to remember to add “s” or “es” when the subject is She, He, or It.
Teacher: Read the “Remember at page 9” and write down the summary on the board.
***Check: Form – Meaning – Use – Pronunciation
We say: - Huy brush or Huy brushes…
Do Huy or Does Huy…?
2.When do we use the Present Simple Tense?
3. We say /d ʌ/ or /d ʌz/
* I, We, You, They + V => S + don’t + V.
=> Do + S + V…?
* He, She, It + V_es/ V_s=> S + doesn’t +V
=> Does + S + V…?
Write the correct form of the verbs
Let S work individually.
5. ride
7. doesn’t play
9. go

2.Do you have
4. Does Vy work
8. reads
10. do

Correct the sentences
“Tell us about Duy”
Duy lives near here.
Duy loves his new school.
Vy and Duy ride to school.
Mr. Quang teaches Duy English.
At break time, Phong reads in the library.
(18 – 20 minutes)

Activity 3: Practice with Present continuous tense
Elicit Present Continuous tense
Teacher: “Now, everyone, look at this picture again and tell me: What is Huy doing?”
Ss: “ He’s having breakfast.”
Teacher: “Right, he’s having breakfast”. How about his mother? What is she doing?”
Ss: “She’s talking to Lan and Vy.”
So what tense have we just used?
Ss: Present continuous
Teacher writes the form on the board
S + is/am/are + Ving
S+ isn’t/ am not/aren’t + V_ing
Am/ Is/Aren’t + V_ing => No, S + be + not.

Teacher: “Complete the sentences”
am not playing 3.aren’t studying
are studying 4. Am having 5. are riding
Teacher let Ss focus on the difference between the two tenses.
20 minutes

Write about what your father/ mother does every day.
Write about what is happening around you at the time you are doing your homework.
 2 minutes






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