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Giao an anh van 8 ky 2(08-09) - 3 cot

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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Thơm
Ngày gửi: 16h:37' 03-02-2009
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The second semester

Tuần 20 Unit 9 : a first – aid course
Tiết 58:Lesson 1: Getting started + listen and read
Preparing date:
Teaching date:
* By the end of the lesson,Ss will be able to know what they would do the situation which require first – aid.
II. language contents.
ambulance, emergency, medicated, sterile dressing…
Future tense.
. Teaching aid:
- Lesson plan,text book,pictures...
Iv. Procedure:
1. Warm up ()

* Kim’s game:
- Ask Ss to open their books and look at the things on page 80. Tell them these things are often used for firs- aid.
- Ask Ss to work in groups of three or four to discuss : What you would do in these situation?
+ A girl has a burn on her arm.
+ A boy has a cut on his leg.
+A girl has a nose bleed.
+ A boy has a bee sting.
- Give some suggested answer:
- Call on some groups to give their answers and correct.

- Look at the pictures.

- Answer the qs.

- Copy.

+ Suggested words:
Towel: khăn
Hankerchief: khăn tay
Ointment:dầu, mỡ
Bandage: băng, bông
Cotton balls: cuộn bông
Tiger balm: dầu con hổ
Ice bag: túi đá
- A girl has a burn on her arm. I will put the burn under cold water and wash it or put a cold hankerchief on it. Then I apply some oitment.
- A boy has a bad cut on his leg.
+ Firstly, I will wash the cut with alcohol to sterilize it. And then I cover it with a banage. If the cut is really bad, I will take him to the neearest clinic.
- A girl has a nose bleed. I will try to stop her nose bleeding by letting her head behind. Then I cover the bleeding nose with cotton ball…

2. Presentation (10’)

* Pre- teach vocabulary:
- Checking them: Slap the board.
* Introduce the dialogue: “We are going to listen to a conversation between Lan and a nurse about emegency. You listen and answer the qs:
a. Who are talking in the conversation?
b. Where are they?
c. What happened? Why?
d. Where is the school?

 - Listen, read and write.

- Play a game.

- Listen to the T.

- Listen and answer the qs:

* New words:
Emergency(n): ca cấp cứu
Ambulance(n): xe cứu thg
Consious(adj): còn tỉnh
Unconsious: bất tỉng
Cut one’s head:
Cover the wound:bao bọc vêt thg
Bleeding badly:
Hold it tight: buộc chtj
Fall asleep: ngủ thiếp đi

3. Practice (15’)


--- Ask Ss to listen to the tape and look at the book.
Have Ss answer the qs.
Give feedback.

Ask Ss to read the dialogue again and select the topics covered in the dialogue.
- Tell Ss to write their answers on the sheet of paper and hand in after finishing.
- Give correct answer.

- Listen to the tape and look at the book.
- Answer the qs.

- Read the dialogue again.
- Select the topics covered in the dialogue.

- Copy.

* Answer 1:
a. A girl is talking with a nurse on the phone.
b. The nurse is at Bach Mai hospital and the girl is at Quang Trung school.
c. A student is hurt because she fell off her bike and hit her head on the read.
d. It’s on N.S.L lane. It’s between Qt street and THS street
* Answer 2:
- a, b, c, e, f.

4. Production (10’)


 * Write – it – up.
- Ask Ss to write a story using information from the dialogue.
- Tell Ss to begin their story with “Yesterday there was an emergency at…”

- Write the story.

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