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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 09h:24' 03-09-2017
Dung lượng: 157.8 KB
Số lượt tải: 636
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Phạm Thị Hoài)

TiÕt 55 + 56 UNIT 9 – LESSON 1: A. READING
Planning date: Jan 2nd Teaching date: Jan 3rd and 5th
I. Objectives:
1. Education aims: - Students read about the undersea world.
2. Knowledge: a. General knowledge: - The oceans and the undersea world.
b. Language: - The present simple tense.
- Vocabulary concerning undersea world like: whale, jellyfish, shark, .....
3. Skills: - Speaking : talk in pairs and in groups.
- Reading comprehension: Matching and Table completion exercises.
II. Anticipated problems:-Students may lack vocabulary on undersea world.
III. Teaching aids: board, textbook, chalk.
IV. Procedures:
Teacher’s activities
 Students’ activities

1. Warm-up:( 3 mins)
- Aim:Sts get used to the topic.
+ Networks:
- Sts are required to work in groups of 3 or 4 to make a list of words related to the names of the animals in the sea in written form.
- The group with the longest list will be the winner.
2. Before you read( 12 mins)
- Aim: -Prepare information and vocabularies for the topic.
+ Work with a partner 1:
- Ask sts to look at the map and give Vietnamese names for the oceans on the map.
- Allow sts to discuss in pairs in 2 minutes.
- Get feedback and give remarks.
+ Work with a partner 2:
-Sts are required to do in the same way as in “ work with a partner 1” to name the sea animal in each picture.
- Ask some sts to report.
- Listen and give remarks.
+ Vocabulary:
- Provide the sts with new words/phrases:
+ Gulf(n): VÞnh
+ challenge(v): th¸chthøc
+ Subma`rine(n): Tµu ngÇm
+ `organism(n): c¸ thÓ
+ Biodi`versity(n): sù ®a d¹ng sinh häc
+ at stake(phr) : Cã nguy c¬ tuyÖt chñng = in danger
- Read each word/phrase 3 times and ask the sts to repeat it.
- Leave the sts 1 minute to self-practise reading the words.
- Ask 4-5 sts to read all the word/phrases aloud in front of the class
- Listen and help the sts to read the words/phrases correctly.
3. While you read:( 20 mins)
- Aims: Read the passage for information to do the tasks.
+ Set the scene:
- You are going to read a passage about undersea world. Read it and then do the tasks that follow.
+ Task 1:Fill in each space with a suitable from the box.
- Ask sts to read the passage and do task 1.
- Sts are required to compare their results with their partners.
- 5 sts are required to do the task orally in front of the class (1 st/ 1 time).
- Listen and help sts to do the task correctly.
+ Task 2: Answering Questions:
- Ask sts to work in pairs to read the passage again and answer the questions in task 2.
- Require sts to underline the information that supports the answers.
- Sts are required to compare their answers with another pair.
- Ask 5-6 sts to read their answers aloud in front of the class (1 st / 1 time).
- Give correct answers.
4. After you read:( 9 mins)
- Aims: Give the summary of the passage.
- Sts are required to work in pairs to fill in each numbered space with a word/phrase in the box.
- 8 sts represent by reading aloud the answers.
- Listen and help sts to do their task well.
5. Homework:( 1 min)
- Learn the summary of the reading passage.

- Work in groups of 3-4 students
- Give the lists to the teacher
- Work in pairs and do the work orally.
- Some sts report.
+ Pa`cific ocean: Th¸i b×nh d­¬ng
+ At`lantic ocean: §¹i t©y d­¬ng
+ `Indian ocean: Ên ®é d­¬ng
+ `Arctic ocean: B¾c b¨ng d­¬ng
+ An`tarctic ocean ( southern ocean): BiÓn nam cùc.
- Listen and copy down.
- Do as they have done in the previous part
- Some sts report.
+ Picture1: Seal + Picture2: Jellyfish
+ Picture3: Turtle + Picture4: Shark
- Self- correct

- Listen and then copy down
- Listen and repeat.
- Read these words

thầy thiết kế bài rất chi tiết. cảm ơn thầy nhiều <3

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