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Unit 13. Films and cinema

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Người gửi: lisa rose
Ngày gửi: 23h:32' 10-06-2018
Dung lượng: 450.3 KB
Số lượt tải: 12
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Date of preparation : 26/03/2018
Date of teaching : 03/04/2018

Period : 84– Part C : Listening

+ Supply Ss with information about a plan
+ Help Ss make a conversation for dating
+ Educational aim:Ss will be self- aware to plan for their week.

+ Ss will be able to listen to deal with filling gap exercise.
+ Ss will be able to make a conversation for an appointment.
III.Skills:Listening and Integrated Skills
VI. Teaching aids:
+ Computer, audio, chalk, textbook, paper.
V.Procedures in class :

Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities

Pre listening
*Play game: Guessing words
- divides class into 2 teams
- tells Ss the rule of game:
+ look at pictures and guess what activities
+ which team having the signal first will have right to answer. If the answer is not correct, the other team will have right to answer.
+ 1 point for each correct answer
- lets Ss work in pair to answer the questions:
. Would you like to play badminton with me?
. Are you free on Friday?
. What are you going to do on Sunday?
→ Lead in the lesson
- introducesNear Future Tense:
S + be going to + bare infinitive
- asks: “ What are going to do at the weekend?”
- invites some Ss to answer

- work in teams
- listen the rule of game
- give the answer
Expected answers:
. going shopping
. going fishing
. chatting (going to café)
. listening to music
. playing football
. playing games
. goingon picnic
. doing homework

- answer

While listening
- asks Ss to look at the picture in the textbook (p.136) to guess “What are Lan and Huong planning to do together?”
- turn on the audio once
- asks the whole class the answer

*Task2: Fill ( X ) in the table when Lan or Huong have a plan.
- gives an example
- asks Ssto listen once to complete the table
- asks Ss to discuss the answer with partner
- gives feedback

*Task3:Fill the gap with the words you hear

- gives handouts
- asks Ss listen twice
- asks Ss to work with partner to fill the gaps
- invites Ss to give answers
- gives feedback

*Task4: Arrange these sentences to have a complete conversation

- asks Ss to work in 4 groups

- look at the picture and guess

- listen to the audio
- answer
Expected answer:
Lan and Huong are planning to go to the cinema.

- listen to the audio
- discuss with partner
- give answer
Expected answers:

-receive handouts
- listen to the audio
- work with partner
- give answer
Expected answers:
lots of work
going to the singing club
visit my grandparents
see a play
taking Chinese classes
going on a picnic

- work in group
Expected answers:

Post listening
*Role play:
- give the context
- asks Ss to work in pair to make a conversation based on the conversation of Lan and Huong

- listen and watch
- work in pair
- do the role play

- practice talking about plans
- write a conversation about planning an appointment

- take note

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