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Người gửi: Đặng Thanh Phương
Ngày gửi: 22h:02' 18-07-2008
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Số lượt tải: 984
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Supply the correct verb form

1. Be quiet! The baby (sleep). =>
2. We seldom (eat) before 6:30. =>
3. Look! The man (run) the train. He (want) to catch it. =>
4. The sun (set) in the West. =>
5. It (be) often hot in summer. =>
6. I (do) an exercise on the present tense at the moment and I (think) that I (know) how to use it now.
7. It (rain) much in summer. It (rain) now. =>
8. Daisy (cook) some food in the kitchen at present. She always (cook) in the morning. =>
9. I (see) her last year. =>
10. What (do) you do yesterday? =>
11. You (watch) TV last night? =>
12. She (be) born in 1980. =>
13. They (pay) a visit to us last summer. =>
14. He ( start) learning English when he (be) a child. =>
15. She ( spend) five days paiting her house two weeks ago. =>
16. Listen! Someone (nock) at the door. =>
17. Up to the present, we (write) almost every lesson in the book. =>
18. That house ( belong) to Mr Green. =>
19. Rivers usually (flow) to the sea. =>
20. I (move) to Ho Chi Minh city 3 years ago to learn English. =>
21. When I ( arrive ) this house, he still ( sleep). =>
22. The light (go out) when we (have) dinner. =>
23. Bill ( have) breakfast when I (stop) at this house this morning. =>
24. As we (cross) the street, we (see) an accident. =>
25. Tom (see) a serious accident while he (stand) at the bus stop.
26. While my father ( read) the newspaper, I (learn) my lessonand my sister (do) her homework. =>
27. The children (play) football when their mother (come) back home. =>
28. The bell (ring) while Tom (take) a bath. =>
29. I (be) tired because I (work) all day yesterday. =>
30. While I (walk) along the street, I ( see) an old friend. =>
31. How long you (study) English? For 5 years. =>
32. I (wait) for two hours, but she (not come) yet. =>
33. They (live) in Ho Chi Minh City since 1975. =>
34. She (read ) all the books written by Dickens. How many books you (read)? =>
35. He (not, be) here since Chrismast, I wonder where he (live) since then. =>
36. Jack (go) to Paris for a holiday. He never (be) there. =>
37. You (sleep) sofar.? I (ring) the bell for the last twenty minutes. =>
38. He (write) a novel for two years, but he (not/ finish) yet. =>
39. Mary (lose) her hat and she (look) for it until now. =>
40. I (see) that film several times because I like it. =>
41. How many times you (see0 him since he (go) to Edinburgh? =>
42. We (be) from France. We (be) there for 20 years. =>
43. I (see) her before. =>
44. Mr Green (teach) English in this school since he ( graduate) from the university in 1986.=>
45. They (go) home after they (finish) their work. =>
46. She said that she (already, see) Dr.Rice. =>
47. When we came to the stadium, the match ( already, begin). =>
48. They told me they (not, eat) such kind of food before. =>
49. After he (gone), we (sit) down and (rest). =>
50. After taking a bath, he (go) to bed. =>
51. It was the first time I ( ever, see) such a beautiful girl. =>
52. What you (do) at 6p.m yesterday? =>
53. Before Alice (go) to sleep, she (call) her family. =>
54. He (teach) in this school before he (leave) for England. =>
55. When John and I got to the theatre, the movie (start) already. =>
56. We will go out when the rain (stop). =>
57. I (stay) here until he (answer) me. =>
58. Wait until I (catch) you. =>
59. Miss Alen (help) you as soon as she ( finish) that letter tomorrow. =>
60. I (wait) here until you (come) back tomorrow. =>
61. My mother (come) to stay with us next weekend. =>
62. Don’t leave until you (see) her. =>
63. We (start) our plan next Sunday. =>
65. He (work) on the report at this time tomorrow. =>
66. I’m sure they (complete) the new road by June. =>
67. At this time tomorrow, we (drive) through Pennsylvania. =>
68. Who (look) after the children when you are away? =>
69. By November I (work) for this company for 6 years. =>
69. By March 15, I (be) here for one year. =>
70. We (move) to our new house at Christmas this year. =>
71. By the end of December, John (work) as a reporter for ten years. =>
72. I (give) him your message when I (see) him. =>
73. The teacher hope we (pass) our exam. =>
75. You (finish) your work by 9 tonight? =>
76. By the time you arrive, I (finish) writing an essay. =>
77. Don’t call him at 2:30 p.m. He ( interview) job applicants at that time. =>
78. Our English teacher (explain) that lesson to us tomorrow. =>
79. When I (see) Mr Pike tomorrow, I (remind) him of that. =>
80. What you (do) at 7 p.m next Sunday? =>
I (practise) my English lesson then. =>
Choose the best option to finish each sentence
1. She was thoughtfully looking at him while he a newspaper.
A. read B. was reading C. has read D. has been reading
2. While I the floor, Mrs Paker began cooking.
A. swept B. was sweeping C. has swept D. has been sweeping
3. I just a telegram to say that my poor friend is badly ill again.
A. had B. have had C. was having D. has been having
4. I have lost my key again. I things. I lose things too often.
A. always B. am always losing C. have always lost D. was always losing
6. I Ann at her father’s house twenty years ago and her ever since.
A. met/ have known B. was meeting/ knew C. met knew D.have met/ was working
7. Higher education in the US in 1636 when the first colonists Harvard College.
A. has began/ founded B. began/ have founded
C. began/ founded D. was beginning/ have founded
8. when Jack me, I a letter.
A. was phoning/ wrote B. phoned/ has been wrting
C.phoned/ was writing D. has phoned/ was writing
9. He will here till he everything.
A. stay/ will do B. stay/ will not do C/ will stay/ does D. will stay/ doesn’t do
10. In case the weather good, they fishing.
A. is/ go B. will be go C. will be/ will go D. is/ will go
11. By 8 o’clock they dinner.
A. will have B. will be having C. will have had D. is having
12. By the end of this week he the translation.
A. will finish B. will have finished C. will be finishing D. is finishing
13. Before you I all the work.
A. come/ do B. will come / will do C. will come / do D. come/ will do
14. By the time we to the forest, the rain .
A. will get/ will stop B. will get/ will have stopped
C. get/ will stop D. get/ will have stopped
15. I think he the letter by this time.
A. will answer B. will have answered C. will be answering D. has answered
16. I my report when you entered the hall.
A. made B. have been makin C. was making D. have made
17. They the newwords yesterday from three to seven.
A. learnt B. have been learning C. have learnt D. were learning
18. She this exercise yesterday at 8 o’clock.
A. wrote B. has written C. has been writing D. was writing
19. My mother often morning excercises.
A. do B. does C. doing D. has done
20. She some cakes yesterday at2 p.m.
A.make B. has beenmaking C. has made D. was making
21. He me to the paerty yesterday.
A. invited B. has invited C. has been invited D. was inviting
22. He a book two days ago.
A. read B. has been reading C. was reading D. has read
23. Miss Brown’s telephone when she .
A. rang/ dressed B. was ringign/ was dressing
D. was ringing/ dresses D. rang/ was dressing
25. When he into the office, the secretary a crosswords puzzle.
A. came/ was doing B. was coming/ was doing
C. was coming/ did D. came/ did
26. why to me while I ?
A. did you not listen/ was speaking B. were you not listening/ was speaking
C. were you not listening/ spoke D. did you not listen/ spoke
28. He for her, but she never .
A. was waiting/ was coming B. waited / was coming
B. was waiting/ came D. was waiting/ comes
29. While I for him to call up, he a good time in the bar.
A. waited/ was having B. have waited/ was having
C. was waiting/ have had D. was waiting/ was having
30. They this film last week.
A. have seen B. saw C. have been seeing D. were seeing
31. She the picture when I came.
A. painted B. has paited C. was painting D. have been
32. They the new words yesterday from three till seven.
A. learnt B. were learning C. have learnt D. have been learning
33. It this week.
A. rained B. has rained C. was raining D. rains
34. She a bath at seven o’clock last night.
A. was having B. had C. has had D. has been having
35. She dishes already.
A. was washing B. washed C. has washed D. has been washing
36. They supper when the telephone rang.
A. had B. have had C. were having D. have been having
37. I you for ages.
A. didn’t meet B. haven’t met C. was not meeting D. haven’t been meeting
38. Last summer he to Ha Long Bay.
A. has gone B. was going C. went D. has been going
39. While she , she the doorbell, then voices.
A. was washing up/ heard B. washed up/ has heard
C. has heard/ was hearing D. was washing up/ was hearing
40. “ She tea”, let’s go to the dinning room”.
A. was making B. made C. has made D. has been making
41. The library by the time I there.
A. had closed/ got B. closed/ got C. closed/ had got D. has closed/ got
42. When my friend , I an exercise for an hour.
A. was c
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