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Người gửi: Đặng Thị Bình
Ngày gửi: 21h:29' 14-11-2008
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Số lượt tải: 172
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Change the following sentences to indirect speech .
“I was born in 1983”, said Mary.
“ Do you what you’re told to”, my father said
“ Why were you late yesterday morning?” ,said the teacher
“ Do you understand what I mean?”, said she
She said, : I must go home this evening”
He said to me, “ You can keep that one if you like”
“ Is it me you want to speak to ?” , Mary asked her boss
She said, “ I’m very proud of my parents, Daisy”
Nancy asked, “why didn’t you call me, john?”
“ Don’t go near the water, children”, said she
“ Is anyone here?” said Peter
“Tom and I are going into the garden now to dig for worms, Mum”, said the little boy
“ What time did you get home yesterday ?” they asked her
“ make a list of what you want”, she told us
“ Have your passports ready in your hands” they custom office said to the passengers
“ Do whatever you like or go wherever you want” I said to them
She said to me “ We didn’t finish it yesterday because we were busy”
“I’ve just bought these books for you’. My mother said to me
“ How do you know it is true ?” he asked me
He said, “ I’ll be here again tomorrow”
We said to them, “ Your houses are very nice”
She said to them,” He’s lived here for 4 years”
Tom said, “ I’m going away for a few days and will phone you when I get back”
Mary said to John, “ I cannot go to the movie with you tomorrow”
William said, “ I’m very grateful to you for your helping me with the Vietnamese lesson”
“ I saw her this morning”, he said
“ I don’t like this film”, betty said to Bill
“ I saw John yesterday but he didn’t see me”, Tom said
She said to his mother, “ I haven’t seen him since I came here”
They asked me, “What were you doing at 7 o’clock yesterday when we called you?”
He asked her “when do you leave this place?”
We asked, “What time does the plane arrive?”
“ Are you angry ?” he asked
“Did they tell you when they left?”, she said to me
“ Are you wearing your overcoat, Ann?” she asked
Mr. Smith said to me,” Where are you going on your vacation?”
“Who put those books here, john?”. His mother asked
She said,” How do you go to the circus?”
“ How many classes are there in your school?” my mother asked
“ You must stay in bed because you are having flu” The doctor said
“Where did you go last night, Mr. Brown?” The policeman asked
“Did you enjoy your English class?” I said to Mary
Mary said, “I get up much earlier than you do, Tom”
The teacher said, “Be careful when doing these exercises”
She wanted to know, “How long will it take me to get there?”
She said “Have you read this book, Lan?”
“ I went to the movies yesterday but I don’t like it”, she said to her friends

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